01 July 2023

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Hi! Welcome, or welcome back if you've been on this site before.

If you have been here before, you'll notice a big change - everything's gone.

Truth be told, I fell out of love with this blog. When I first started, I thought I had a clear vision for it, I knew what topics I wanted to cover, and who I wanted my audience to be... 

I first started as "Halal Mama" in 2013, wanting to combine being a new Muslim and a new mother. I had a few posts about motherhood, a fair few recipes, and some posts about halal food in general, as I was adjusting to all that myself and wanted to share my findings with other new Muslims who might be looking into it. I was lucky enough to partner with a variety of brands over the years too and write product reviews for them.

But we all evolve, and it's only natural that we do. It's been 10 years since I started this blog - some posts have become outdated, some didn't feel as well-researched as they did when I first wrote them, and some just weren't... "me". I also decided to move away from the "Halal Mama" persona, feeling that I'd outgrown it. Yes, I'm a mum, but I don't want it to be the main thing about me anymore - I've now spent a few years of feeling I'm "just a mum" and I need more, I need to be just ME again. So I changed all my social media handles and blog title, only keeping the domain for now because I'm not technical enough and need to figure out how to handle it.

My last blog post prior to this one was just over a year ago, and I actually had to consider whether I even wanted to keep it. As I was going through the old posts, I thought to myself "God, am I bloody boring or what?" I started thinking that I don't have anything interesting or relevant to write about, like who am I even? But as I decided to give it one more chance (oh, this wasn't my first blogging hiatus!), I sat down to write a list of topics to cover and realised I might have more to say than I thought.

So here I am, starting fresh after 10 years. Whether you stumbled across this as a new reader, or have previously connected with me - thanks for reading! More posts coming soon, but in the meantime you can read more about me HERE or use one of the social media buttons to connect (I'm mostly on Instagram)

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