The Muslim Sticker Company

I've been postponing this review for a while now, hoping that I could engage Adam a bit, but he wasn't too keen to participate at the time that I wanted him to ;)

Recently I've been sent some goodies by The Muslim Sticker Company. Adam has recently discovered the joy of stickers (if you follow my Instagram, you might've seen our little toy box project ;)), so I thought this would be great for him.

We received two books: Sun, Sea and Sand Islamic Sticker Activity Book and  My A-Z Sticker Book of Islam, as well as the Ramadan Chart.

Tajweed Nasheed Nursery Rhymes from Olive Tree Study

All the Muslims are encouraged to learn to read the Quran in Arabic. Reverts, like me, would start with the translation into our own language. As we know, however, no translation can fully convey the message of the original - especially in case of such a complex language as Arabic. Hence, to get the best understanding of the actual text, we all aim to learn to read the Quran in its unaltered form.

I currently have zero knowledge of Arabic. Well, so far I had a go at learning the alphabet ;) But to read the Quran we need to know the Tajweed - a set of rules governing the correct pronunciation.

A while ago I was contacted by lovely sister Tahera, founder of the Olive Tree Study Support - a weekend Islamic school. Following the struggle to teach the children these complex rules, she came up with the idea for Tajweed Nursery Rhymes, and kindly invited me to check them out.

My Revert Story

One thing I get asked a lot from my followers is for me to share the story of my conversion to Islam.

I've been meaning to write this for ages now, but I must admit I was a bit apprehensive due to all the negativity Islam gets. Yes, I do care what people think, and I can't help it. But I finally decided to do it.

Just to be clear - I'm not trying to convince anyone to do it. I'm simply sharing my experience, and explaining why I made this decision, because some people were interested.

So, here it goes.

#MySundayPhoto - Shadows

I got behind again - my "regular writing" doesn't seem to be going too well so far ;) I already gave up the Project 366, I couldn't always manage to take a photo every single day - well, I guess it's better that it happened early in the year, rather than me committing for months and then ruining the whole thing.

Anyway, here's one of last week's photos.

All three of us spent a few days in bed with some nasty bug, but when we finally felt better and sun came out for one day, I took Adam out for a short walk. Poor thing was getting crazy staying inside, and it really made him happier - we're back to the usual rainy days here, so it was quite a good break for both of us.


#MySundayPhoto - Snowy morning

OK, so I finally got myself to actually join a linky! I really try to push myself and post more this year, instead of just noting things down in my diary and never transferring them into the actual blog posts.


It started snowing last night, but I didn't really expect it to settle. When Hubby came home in the morning, he told me to look outside, and this was the view from my window! Shame that it was all gone before noon...


Halal friendly Polish goodies #1

If you follow my Instagram feed, you know that I've just come back from Poland. 

As halal food is not widely available, I go vegetarian when I visit. Oh yeah, we throw some fish in sometimes. It's relatively easy, as we stay in my family home, so it's home cooking most of the time, and even if we eat out there are plenty of vegetarian options available. 

I'm not that big on meat anyway, but I enjoy finding halal-friendly stuff in the shops. As I said, typical 'halal' marked food is not that common - you might find some in the cities with larger Muslim community, but where I'm from I have to rely on vegetarian alternatives. I've actually noticed that vegetarian alternatives to meat seem to become more popular - there were quite a few bits, like veggie sausages (although I didn't try them this time). I believe that you can get much more in big cities, but I'm writing from a small town girl's perspective ;)

I don't always have the chance to try everything, and some of the stuff is not necessarily new on the market, but I'll be sharing with you what  think is worth trying if you visit Poland (or if you fancy trying Polish food, but are not sure what you can actually eat ;))

"For Aisha" - halal baby food pouches

Although Adam is already 26 months old, when I was asked to spread the word about the new range of halal baby food pouches, I couldn't say no!

Cherry and coconut cocktail / Koktajl czereśniowo-kokosowy

I'm currently a bit obsessed with making smoothies and milkshakes - I've recently bought loads of fruit and trying out various flavour combinations. Today I have an easy mix of fresh cherries and coconut milk - just like a strawberry one I was making last summer.

Ostatnio ciągle mi w głowie smoothies i mleczne koktajle - właśnie kupiłam mnóstwo owoców i eksperymentuję z różnymi połączeniami smaków. Dziś serwuję Wam prosty miks świeżych czereśni i mleka kokosowego - podobny robiłam w zeszłym roku z truskawkami.

Fruit and nut coleslaw / Surówka colesław z jabłkiem i orzechami

If you are a coleslaw fan, here's something for you. I bought this in Sainsbury's couple of times, but my local one doesn't seem to be stocking it recently. So I came up with my own copycat recipe ;) It's perfect on its own, or as a side instead of your usual plain coleslaw. 

Jeśli lubicie surówkę colesław, mam coś dla Was. Kilka razy kupiłam taką w supermarkecie, ale od jakiegoś czasu nie widzę jej na półkach, więc zrobiłam swoją własną ;) Jest świetna jako przekąska sama w sobie, albo jako surówka do obiadu.