"For Aisha" - halal baby food pouches

Although Adam is already 26 months old, when I was asked to spread the word about the new range of halal baby food pouches, I couldn't say no!

Cherry and coconut cocktail / Koktajl czereśniowo-kokosowy

I'm currently a bit obsessed with making smoothies and milkshakes - I've recently bought loads of fruit and trying out various flavour combinations. Today I have an easy mix of fresh cherries and coconut milk - just like a strawberry one I was making last summer.

Ostatnio ciągle mi w głowie smoothies i mleczne koktajle - właśnie kupiłam mnóstwo owoców i eksperymentuję z różnymi połączeniami smaków. Dziś serwuję Wam prosty miks świeżych czereśni i mleka kokosowego - podobny robiłam w zeszłym roku z truskawkami.

Fruit and nut coleslaw / Surówka colesław z jabłkiem i orzechami

If you are a coleslaw fan, here's something for you. I bought this in Sainsbury's couple of times, but my local one doesn't seem to be stocking it recently. So I came up with my own copycat recipe ;) It's perfect on its own, or as a side instead of your usual plain coleslaw. 

Jeśli lubicie surówkę colesław, mam coś dla Was. Kilka razy kupiłam taką w supermarkecie, ale od jakiegoś czasu nie widzę jej na półkach, więc zrobiłam swoją własną ;) Jest świetna jako przekąska sama w sobie, albo jako surówka do obiadu.

Fruity Matcha smoothie / Owocowe smoothie z herbatą matcha

This Ramadan hasn't really been productive in terms of cooking - we've been sticking to our quick and easy to prepare favourites. But I'm hoping to catch up soon, there hasn't been a recipe here for quite a while!

I'll start you off with a yummy matcha smoothie. It might not be the prettiest drink, but I can assure you it tastes much better than it looks ;) The funny colour is actually caused by the addition of intensively green matcha powder. This smoothie is yummy, healthy and filling. It's actually great for suhoor if, like me, you don't feel like eating much when you have to wake up so early - it's best fresh, but you can easily prepare it in the evening before.

Dawno nie było tu żadnego przepisu, ale postanawiam poprawę ;)

Zaczynam od pysznego smoothie z herbatą matcha. Może to nie najbardziej atrakcyjne smoothie jakie widzieliście, ale zapewniam, że smakuje dużo lepiej niż wygląda ;) Ten dziwny kolor spowodowany jest dodatkiem intensywnie zielonej herbaty matcha. Taki koktajl jest pyszny, zdrowy i sycący. Najlepszy jest oczywiście tuż po przygotowaniu, ale śmiało możecie go przygotować wieczorem i wypić na szybkie śniadanie.

!!WIN!! the EuroTalk learning software

Have you planned any holidays abroad this year? Even though we can communicate in English in most places around the world, maybe you want to learn a few useful phrases.

Maybe you're looking into moving abroad, and need to start learning the local language?

Maybe you are working in an international corporation, and want to impress a foreign client?

Maybe, like in my case, you and your other half are from different countries, and you want to learn a bit of their language (or teach them yours)?

Whatever your reason to start learning new language, the EuroTalk have courses to get you started!

I've recently posted about my experience with EuroTalk. Quite a few people said they'd like to learn a new language, so here you are - EuroTalk decided to give some lucky person a chance to start learning too. Means my first ever giveaway!

If you've seen my previous post about EuroTalk, I've been talking about two of their programmes - Talk More and Talk the Talk. These both come as instant downloads, meaning there's no CD, no waiting - you can start learning straight away!

They know everyone is at a different stage of their learning journey - you might be a complete beginner, know some basics, or maybe you just need to polish the specialist vocabulary to use in business interactions. Therefore, the EuroTalk kindly offered you a choice of preferred software:

Talk Now - beginner, essential words and phrases to get you started
Talk The Talk - beginner +, focusing on social conversation
Talk More - beginner +, ideal for when you’re travelling
Talk Business - intermediate, specialist vocabulary for business use

Of course you also get to choose the language you want to learn! Please check the EuroTalk website: http://eurotalk.com/ for the full list of the languages offered - once you choose the language, you'll be able to see which software is available.

Please note that the offer is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD software only, you will not be receiving any CDs or USB stick. The downloads are for PC or Mac only, and currently don't run on tablets and smartphones.


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The Wicked Uncle toy shop - review

It was really nice and hot recently, but obviously for the weekend the weather's turned horrible. But we're definitely not getting bored!

I've recently been invited to review the Wicked Uncle online toy shop. They aim to provide an easy gift service for birthdays and all sort of occasions, not only for parents but for aunts, uncles, grandparents, godparents etc. Basically they want to help you buy gifts for other people's children.

Well, we didn't have anyone to buy gifts for recently, so with Adam's 2nd birthday approaching, I decided to get him an early treat.

EuroTalk language learning software

A while ago I've been invited to try out the language learning softare provided by EuroTalk.

They started 20 years ago, offering the software for learning European languages, but adding more over the years they now offer over 130 different languages. I've been looking at some good and not too pricey Urdu course for quite a while now, so I was delighted to get the opportunity to try the EuroTalk software!

Living with my Hubby for over 4 years, and being a massive fan of Bollywood movies, I know a few phrases. I actually understand quite a bit, especially after our visit to Pakistan where I was surrounded by Urdu speakers, but I don't really speak much myself - I can say a few words, but can't really construct a proper sentence ;)

My Pakistani experience - your questions

I'm taking Adam to Poland tomorrow, so hopefully there will be a change of topic here ;) But when I was putting together my previous posts, I asked the followers whther there was something specific they'd want to read about.

Here's what couple of people asked:

What to see in Lahore - Food Street

Inspired by Hubby's friend's beautiful night photos of the Badshahi Mosque, taken from a popular rooftop restaurant, we decided we want to admire the view too ;) So one evening we went to the New Food Street, located near the Lahore Fort.

What to see in Lahore - Lahore Fort and Badshahi Masjid

Towards the end of our stay in Pakistan we spent a day in the beautiful Lahore Fort.

The Lahore Fort, locally known as Shahi Qila, is citadel located in the north-west corner of Lahore's Walled City. The origins of the fort are not certain, but after being destroyed and rebuilt several times, the existing structure goes back to 16th century when it was built by Mughal emperor Akbar. Since then it was upgraded by subsequent Mughal, Sikh and British rulers.