18 November 2020

Halal-friendly jellies - Asda

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 0 Comments

Welcome to another installment of my halal jelly guide! It's ASDA's turn today, after already looking at Tesco and Sainsbury's. If you haven't seen one of these before, we'll be looking at which of the supermarkets' own jellies are halal diet-friendly.

I think ASDA was actually the shop that first gave me the idea for these posts, as it's the one we currently use the most alongside Lidl and probably buy their own brand sweets most often. Now you might think it would've made sense for me to post about those first, but I actually did Tesco and Sainsbury's first for that very reason, that I don't go there often - I happened to have a rare chance to visit those, so I decided to just get that done.

Anyway, ASDA's halal-friendly jellies and such. We do buy them quite a bit because Aminah is crazy for jellies (especially the fizzy rainbow belts, sour as anything but she would happily go through the whole pack if I let her!), they come in nice little packs and are normally 5 for £1.Let's see what we can choose from:

1. Jelly beans - As I mentioned in the previous posts, a popular one in our house, so I'm glad to find them with the green V sign. I did, however, notice shellac on the list of ingredients, and I said earlier that I had doubts whether it's halal or not. After a quick check, I discovered that the Vegetarian Society actually considers shellac to be vegetarian (although not all sweets containing shellac are marked vegetarian) - more details HERE.

2. Midget gems - Here's a bit of a different one from our usual choice. These fruity gummies are a bit of a classic here, along with wine gums. On that note, ASDA's wine gums are halal-friendly too (despite the name, they do not contain alcohol), but they wouldn't have any takers here so I chose not to buy any.

Back to the standard offering - sadly yet again the strawberry pencils (cables) don't make the list, as they contain pork gelatine.

3. Strawberry and Rainbow laces

4. Rainbow belts

5. Strawberry and cola wands

That's all I have found in ASDA that could get on my halal-friendly list. If you think you have anything to add or correct, do let me know! Hope you're enjoying my mini-series here, I welcome any suggestions on what to explore next :)

04 November 2020

Halal-friendly jellies - Tesco

Wednesday, November 04, 2020 0 Comments

Welcome back to my little Halal Food Guide! As I mentioned in the previous post of the series, I'm trying to take the blog back to its basics and explore more about halal-friendly food choices. I'm currently focusing on sweets and jellies, and last time I looked at Sainsbury's offering. Next up: Tesco.


The nearest Tesco to us is an Extra store, so I was hoping for a good selection. Well, can't say I was that impressed - same standard choice as everywhere, and boo-hoo the strawberry pencils have gelatine in them! Let's have a look at what we CAN have then - again, I've only picked from the jellies and other soft sweets that need a gelling agent.

1. Mini Jelly Beans - Really glad to see those with a V symbol, they are always popular with the kids. I mentioned last time about the shellac that's used in some brands of jelly beans, and that I try to avoid it as doubtful, so these are just a safe option to pick up.


2. Strawberry/cola/bubblegum lances - Pretty standard offering, so far they seem to be veggie in all the shops I've gotten them from. The bubblegum flavour was something new for us though, it was great to see a different one to the usual choice of strawberry and cola.

3. Milk bottles - These were a bit of a surprise. While getting the stuff for these posts I go through every single kind of sweets on the shelf looking at ingredients, even if I might've seen the same sweet in another shop and I know it would usually contain gelatine. We really liked these, they taste like sweet cream and have a good texture - sometimes veggie jellies aren't as nice as those with animal gelatine, because of different gelling agents used the textures can be a bit off, but these were pretty good.


4. Fizzy Multicoloured Belts - Another pretty standard one across all the shops.


5. Strawberry Laces - Or "jelly spaghetti" as my kids call them. Another one that's usually veggie across the shops.


This was all that I found in Tesco (from their own brand) that was halal-friendly - kind of expected more, as their own brand sweets selection was quite big, but that's always something and we did get couple of new things 👍