24 September 2020

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Fun at home with Fiesta Crafts masks*

 *We were sent the Unicorn Head mask craft kit for the purpose of this review

With Adam back at school, Aminah and I now have lots of time for just the two of us. With the weather being... well, typical British weather, and with nowhere to go with restrictions still in place here, it means a lot of time at home. 

She's at that age when she absolutely loves pretend play and dressing up - as much as she enjoys roaring like a dinosaur, being a pirate or a superhero, most of the time it's all about makeup, wearing pretty dresses and being a princess, unicorns and rainbows. Seriously, what's the deal with unicorns though? Were they as popular when we were little?

Quite understandably then, she went absolutely mad for the Unicorn Head mask craft kit, which we have received from Fiesta Crafts.

The Fiesta Crafts mask kits contain all the elements to make your own 3D mask - there are 8 cool designs to choose from, which are great for pretend play and as part of fancy dress costumes.


They come as flat-packed craft kits, suitable for children aged 5+ - Aminah is just under 3 so her job was just to wear it and be a unicorn, but Adam could do it with a bit of help. This one consists of just 4 parts to put together, and easy to follow instruction card. You also don't need anything extra, like glue or tape, as all the elements are joined by putting small tabs into slots, which are all numbered too.

Once complete, the mask was an instant hit - it's a little too big for Aminah, but that doesn't stop her. To my surprise, Adam quite liked it too, and happily tried it on. However, I could see he's a little disappointed we didn't get the dinosaur one instead, so I *might* have ordered one for him ;) 

We don't celebrate Halloween, but these masks would make a great part of a costume - for any fancy dress party actually. They are made of a quite sturdy card, and actually big enough for adults too (I can fit my big head in, but not really great with glasses!) - I can see the mask lasting quite a while, even with my wild two!

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