09 August 2020

NOW it's time to pray

Sunday, August 09, 2020 0 Comments
We were sent the product in exchange for a review. All views are, as always, my own.

We don't send Adam to Madrasah, for a few reasons. Well, under the current circumstances he wouldn't be going now anyway. But yeah, all his Islamic education happens at home. It might be more basic than he'd get from someone qualified, but it's what we decided to be right for us at present. He's actually doing quite well though, going through the Qaida, learning general things about the religion, and of course praying.

We've been using a variety of resources for prayer learning, from books to YouTube videos. A while back Adam was gifted the Now it's Time to Pray box to aid his learning. 

The box is available in a choice of pink for girls and blue for boys. Each box contains a prayer mat, digital tasbih, a prayer hat for boys or a hijab for girls, a wipe-clean prayer tracker, and a booklet teaching the prayer one verse at a time (plus one for the parents/teachers).

The prayer mat is made of easy to clean rubber, rather than the usual rug type one. It's non-slip, so great to use even on hard floors. One thing I'd recommend is to roll it up when not in use, to avoid creating the crease and potentially any cracks in the material in the long term. Just to say - quality is amazing and we don't anticipate it to crack, it's simply the solution we chose for better preservation of the prayer mat.

The "Now it's time to pray" booklet is for learning the words of the prayer from start to finish. The method used in the booklet is for the child to learn one verse at a time, with the aim of learning a verse per day. It's divided in a total of 43 days, starting with Thanaah (which was never included in any resources we've used so far, I had also learned it separately after learning to pray), Surahs Al-Fatihah and Ikhlas, and then after the remainder of the prayer, we also have the Dua Qunoot. Every page also contains a little drawing of a child, illustrating body position at each stage of the prayer, for every verse. The text is provided both in Arabic script and Roman transcription, making it easy to pronounce for non-Arabic speakers, as well as the English translation.

The parents/teachers booklet helps the grown-ups make the most of the "Now it's time to pray" box, and you can also visit the WEBSITE for additional resources.

Lastly, we get the wipe-clean prayer chart, to mark off the completed prayers. Just like with any regular reward charts, it can provide an extra motivation for the child, who will see how well they're doing keeping up with their prayers - you can choose to convert the completed prayers into stars and even rewards, if you want.

We're really impressed with the overall quality of the "Now it's time to pray" box, and might think about getting one for Aminah when she's at the right age. As I mentioned, they are available in pink or blue, and Teen boxes are also now available to pre-order. Each box costs £19.99, available to buy from NOW SERIES website