Colgate Total Pump Toothpaste*

by - Tuesday, July 28, 2020

*This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own

Who has never been a little frustrated with a standard toothpaste tube and its regular screw-on lid? You know, that moment when you unscrew the lid, squeeze the toothpaste out on the brush, and then don't know what to do with the toothbrush while you screw the lid back on? Well, unless you just leave the toothpaste open while you brush, but I just can't (even my toddler insists on closing the toothpaste before she starts brushing). Oh, and let's not forget the nightmare of dropping the lid in the process!

I have recently been asked to try out the Colgate Total Pump toothpaste, and it's a game changer! We're all really impressed with it, and can't believe we've never considered it before. Did you know, that the first toothpaste pumps have actually been around since the early 80s? Just a little late to the party then  ;)

The pump works so well - no fussing with screwing the lid off and back on, you just need to take the cover off and gently press the pump to get the toothpaste out. I really mean gently, you need to apply hardly any force at all. And even if I don't pop the cover straight back on, it doesn't bother me because when the pump is released it closes the toothpaste tube.

The Colgate Total isn't recommended for children under 7 - as Adam had turned 7 last month, he was really happy to know he can use the grown-up toothpaste. I was interested to see whether the pump would be as easy to use for him too, and he managed it perfectly. Which is fantastic, because now at least one of the kids will be making less mess while brushing! Although, to be fair, if Aminah got her hands on the pump toothpaste, it would probably all be gone in a day!

It's not just the pump that's great about it - you can't beat the classic! We've most recently been using a different brand, but my husband has mentioned that Colgate Total feels much smoother in texture, and all three of us like the mild minty flavour. I will definitely be adding it to our shopping basket again in the future, since it suits (almost) the whole family.

If you shop online with Waitrose, it's available HERE - definitely a good one to add to your shopping list.

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  1. Cool! I didn't know Colgate had a toothpaste pump. However I personally don't have that big an issue when putting toothpaste on my toothbrush

  2. If I'm not mistaken didn't colgate have something similar out a while back, or was it this product?? I think it's awesome, I don't know about a lot of people but a messy toothpaste tube always triggers me, and this seems kind of mess free. (

  3. I didn't know this existed! Will have to get this for Bee as she can make such a mess at times!

  4. I am not big on this company but yeah I agree if my children get my hands on this it would hardly last an hour 😆

  5. What a neat idea for kids!


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