The lockdown diary #3

by - Friday, June 19, 2020

Are we still in lockdown? Does anyone know what's actually going on? I've recently heard the term "mockdown", and that seems to sum it up about right. No-one seems to care any more. Since the relaxation of some rules, it feels like it's back to normal for some - full beaches, full parks, full streets. Only in the shops you can still see the social distancing in place, but that seems to vary too. 

I don't even know which week of this we're at now. Probably should've been keeping a weekly diary, to keep up! It's nearly 3 months now, isn't it? Who'd have thought that we would be spending that long in isolation! We still haven't really started seeing people - had couple of socially distanced visits from friends on Eid and that's it. Current rules now allow people to meet outside in the groups of up to 6, but that means we still can't arrange meetups with friends because our group would be larger than that. 

For now we still choose to stay at home. Shops have reopened on Monday, but we're not really in a rush to go queuing for hours for Primark, as nice as it would be to just pop into the city centre for a glimpse of normality. We're sticking to the walks in a quiet park, and might plan a little day out somewhere since the travel is allowed - seaside, maybe? Peak District? Or at least a local forest or something? Let's see.

We need to get out of here though, because we've all had enough. We're all moody and snappy, kids are bored to death. Adam could really benefit from going back to school and socialising with his classmates, but it seems that he won't be back until at least September - our school is pretty small, and the kids that are currently back are spread across various classrooms, so there just isn't enough space for all of them... 

For now it's homeschooling for us then. Well, I use this term loosely - all our initial enthusiasm and structure went out of the window weeks ago. We just do school work as and when we feel like it - some days it might be a full-on session, and some it's just a couple of pages. On some days Adam is really keen to do the tasks that his teacher post on the Class Dojo app, on others he just doesn't want to do anything. Sometimes it's a breeze, sometimes we all get frustrated when he takes an hour to complete a page. If this whole thing taught me anything, is that homeschooling is definitely not for us!

To sum this up, we've all just had enough. I don't think we'll be going back to "normal" any time soon, but rather need to adjust to this new "normal" for quite some time yet. We just need to find ways to keep our sanity.

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