The lockdown diary #2 and Ramadan

by - Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A month between posts again - that's going well, eh?

I've been quite demotivated with the whole lockdown situation. I thought I'd blog more, document it somehow... but to be honest the days just blend into one. Honestly, if I don't check my phone I don't even know what day it is now.

The school had provided learning packs, online resources and all... We made a basic homeschooling plan, just to have some kind of routine to make sure we do actually do a bit of homework - that went out of the window by now, we just go with the flow. After the initial lockdown period was extended, our school got us to join Class Dojo where teachers post activities for kids to do, and that's our only motivation now - apart from that we just do little bits as and when we feel like.

So, a month into the lockdown, the Ramadan started. I thought it would be a bit of an odd one, but you know what? Not really. We never really stock up ahead of it, we hardly ever host or go out for iftar. If anything, it's actually been a little easier - physically, at least. Without school, we don't bother with bedtime that much, and Adam is enjoying being able to have iftar with us every day. We plan our meals a little better - Mr just does a big shop on his days off, there's no little top-up trips every other day (and on empty stomach, we all know that doesn't end well!), we've been a bit more creative with our meals and trying to use what we already have. 

We've had the "big" announcement on Sunday, regarding plans towards ending the lockdown. If anything, that's left me more confused than before. The Government moved away from "Stay Home" slogan and replaced it with "Stay Alert", but still kinda advise staying home as much as possible... But also allow to go out more and even travel within England. I don't know about you, but I'm not planning to go anywhere just yet. I'm also glad that both my kids will still be staying home, at least for the foreseeable. Not sure who came up with the idea that EYFS are the best group to be sent back to school first, with kids that age virtually unable to practice social distancing, but I'm happy that Adam is in Y2 and not in the first group set to be coming back. Who knows though, by allowing people to go out more (not that some haven't before), we might get ourselves into second lockdown even before they go into the next proposed phase of easing the restrictions.

It's looking like Eid at home too - we're heading into the last 10 days of Ramadan, and there definitely won't be a change until then. I'm half expecting to see our street full of people visiting each other against the rules, but my plan is to decorate the house, get kids' gifts out, dress up, make a nice meal and just stay home - maybe a little outing to the park if the weather's nice.

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