The Lockdown Diary #1

by - Sunday, April 12, 2020

Bit late to the party, I know 😉 Schools have been closed for 3 weeks now, the official lockdown has been in place for nearly as long too. We've been staying home for 4 weeks now though, because Adam got chickenpox earlier in the week that the school closures were announced.

As I'm writing this, the lockdown measures were supposed to be reviewed after those 3 weeks, but with the PM having contracted the virus himself and hospitalised, and the Government claiming they don't have enough evidence to support amending the restrictions, we're still under the same lockdown conditions for the time being. 

So I thought I'd just document this extraordinary time while we're still experiencing it.

It's really been a strange time for everyone. When we first heard about the outbreak in China, and then a few single patients were identified around the world, who would've suspected it will result in a global pandemic? In the UK, the first cases were identified in early January - I think at that point everyone still expected it will be contained. Fast forward to March, number of new cases is doubling daily. A decision was made to close the schools once they're done for the week on Friday the 20th, and just few days later, on Monday evening, the PM announced a full lockdown where people are only allowed to go out for essential shopping, work, and a daily dose of exercise. We're not supposed to socialise with anyone outside of our own household though, so no meeting friends for a walk, no playdates etc. (Yeah, I know we all know this - it's a diary entry to reminisce upon once it's all over 😉)

So, our 4 weeks at home so far... Not gonna lie, it's been tough. It wasn't too bad at first - Adam caught chickenpox, so we became housebound anyway. Once he got over it, Aminah got it. And she went through it a little bit worse than Adam did, especially at night - we'd had three pretty much sleepless nights together, which really didn't help.

I think what makes this time extra challenging for all of us, is not that the kids are at home 24/7 - it would've been Easter break now anyway, we get half term breaks ever so often, then we have them at home for the summer... The challenge is the fact that we can't meet up with family and friends, we can't take holidays or even travel for a day out away from the city, we can't even go to the park to let them run around the playground. As I don't drive, Mr is the one taking all shopping trips, plus he still goes out to work, so he at least gets some time out of house - I'm having a rare bit of time on my own right now, as he's home today and kids decided to stay downstairs with him 😄

All we're allowed to do is take a short stroll away from other people - we've done it yesterday for the first time since the lockdown. I've been really apprehensive about it before - we've had some lovely weather recently, and all I could hear around was kids playing outside (probably in their own backyards, but if you can't see them you just worry they're out everywhere around the street), and saw lots of people walking past our windows. We are lucky though, because we have two parks a short walk away from the house - one is a regular landscaped park, with playground, sports area, some other play equipment scattered around - and I expect that even in this lockdown it might be full of people (a friend actually messaged me with a photo of a large gathering there, completely ignoring the rules...). But the other one, "wild" park as we call it, isn't usually that popular with people - normally you'd just meet a few dog walkers and maybe someone jogging. I was worried it might've become more popular now, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it almost empty - we probably passed just a handful of people. I must say it was really good to just walk around for a bit, because last time I went out was 2 weeks ago when our car broke down, and as Mr couldn't drive to the shops, I took an opportunity to get out, even if it was only a half-an-hour trip to Asda and back. I totally get why the Government decided we're allowed that "exercise" time outside, it's just a shame some people are abusing it - last week there were like 700 social gatherings recorded in Greater Manchester! We can only hope this kind of stuff won't affect us all by getting slapped with stricter rules!

Rambling a little here, but I'm kinda trying to just sum up how I've been feeling this past few, strange weeks. It's something my generation haven't experienced before, probably never expected to, and hope we don't get to see anything else like it, once it all gets better. When you think about it, it's history in the making! I was just checking something earlier, and there's even a Wikipedia page for the UK lockdown 🙈

Probably gonna write more about it, now that I started - so much for my regular blogging, again 😂 It's a seemingly great time to write though - I was about to say "not that I have much more do do" here, but that's not exactly true when I'm stuck at home with bored kids, is it? Plus the whole staying home thing is definitely taking a toll on my sanity - I'm an introvert and generally like staying home, but it's a bit different when you *have to* stay put, rather than choose to 😂 I've been a little deflated lately, failed with organising kids' time, and generally haven't been very productive - we've actually all been pretty grumpy... But I'm feeling a bit better now, and hoping to still turn the things around and get through this in a more positive way.

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  1. The current crisis has disrupted everyone's routine. We're all having to adjust, the problem is that we're adjusting to a new way of life, which will then get disrupted again when things go back to normal - then starts another adjustment period.

  2. We call this lockdown a circuit breaker in Singapore and its about 2 weeks in now. I don't go out even though we still can so the restlessness energy has started a little bit.But i try as much possible remain positive and grateful for the time I have now for my family.

  3. Lovely sharing Ma shaa Allah! It's a good idea to write Lockdown dairy sis. I can relate to that feeling as I'm an introvert too. We're like being given plenty of 'physical time' but it's challenging to turn it into 'mental time'where we can focus to be productive. I'm sorry to hear your kids got chicken pox hun. I pray that your kids will get speedy recovery Ameen

  4. Hehehe no one ever likes doing something that we are told we have to :D the restrictions in our area are becoming a bit relaxed now as we had no cases of COVID. InshaAllah life returns back to normal...whatever that new normal is gonna be like 🤷‍♀️ praying your children are well now. They say chicken pox actually strengthens the bodies SubhanAllah. InshaAllah they ha e immersed stronger out of it ♡ stay safe

  5. These really are strange times. I was ok initially but have just had enough now. We don't have any nice areas around to go for a walk but we are lucky that we do have a garden so can get some fresh air in the garden. Hoping some of the restrictions ease a bit by the time Ramadan is the moment I am content to take it easy

  6. I am so happy I've been able to maintain walks through my neighborhood, that has helped a lot for my son and I! I sure do look forward to the nature centers and libraries opening back up though! I definitely can relate to the struggle of being forced to stay home vs simply choosing to stay home :P


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