2020 goals

by - Monday, January 13, 2020

Welcome for the first time in this new year, and the whole new decade!

I'm not really one for making New Year resolutions, because I break those very quickly. Well, I do make a little list of goals, but don't like calling them resolutions, because those always seem to be along the lines "I WILL do so and so". I prefer the term "goals", because these are thing I'd like to do, that I aspire to achieve. 

Thanks to Ronni from Multicultural Motherhood for inviting some bloggers to share our 2020 goals - make sure you click through to her blog, check out her post and all the others!

Here are a few of my little goals for 2020:


Well, this is the one I set myself pretty much every year, and you can see how it's been going... But yeah. That's why I joined Ronni's blog hop today, to give me that push for that first post of the year, to kick it off.


You might've seen it mentioned on my Instagram recently (if not, feel free to give me a follow ;)) - encouraged by my husband, I'm looking into learning some IT skills. I'm quite OK with like general computing, did a little refresher MS Office course last year, and now I'm looking into learning some basic coding, maybe also SEO and digital marketing?


When I was younger, I used to do something all the time - drawing, painting, writing, crafts... Then some years ago I got my first "proper" camera and went out a lot taking photos. Lately I've not been doing much just for myself, the only painting/drawing was with kids, and I've mostly been relying on my phone for the photos because it's just so much easier around the kids. That's why I'm now trying to use the actual camera more for my Instagram photos. And although it's not my first year using bullet journal, I'm making much more effort with it, using it more as the creative outlet for myself rather than just plain and rushed planner.


I've been so bad with reading recently! We both always make sure that Adam does his reading, and actually he enjoys that a lot so not really an issue. But neither of us has really been setting an example for the kids, by just sitting down and enjoying a book. I used to be such a bookworm, with my mum being a librarian and books always present in our lives, but while I do read with the kids, I now hardly make time for any grown-up reads. Really need to make my way through what's on my bookshelf!


We all definitely spend way too much time cooped up at home! Most of the time weather is less than encouraging, but even when it's nice I sometimes end up doing stuff at home rather than going out for a walk. That's got to change, especially with Mr and I always saying we need to get more active and lose some weight, but then not doing much about it (oops!)

I could probably list a few more, but that might end up with me going on, and on, and on... And I actually think that it's good to keep some of your goals private - don't you find that sometimes when you share with people, your plans don't work out? That it seems to get jinxed, even if it's only your closest family or friends? Definitely happens to me! Let me know if you have any goals for this year ahead, and remember to pop to Ronni's BLOG to check out hers - check below for the links to other bloggers taking part!

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  1. Lovely reading your goals Jo! I have been thinking as well recently of learning a new skill too . Looking forward to your blog posts this year xxxx

  2. I am planning to read a book a month too and hopefully will be sharing this on Instagram! Good luck with the new skill and being creative.


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