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Oops, I did it again - neglected the blog, only since the blooming April!

I keep telling myself that I'll get back to blogging, then write down loads of post ideas... And then end up sticking to Instagram, because it's an easy fix to maintain my online presence.

I must admit, I've been feeling pretty down about this blog for a while now. About my social media too, even if not as much.

Let's go back to basics. I started this blog, because... Well, I can't actually remember now! I used to have multiple blogs in my teens, and I think I just wanted to go back to it, have some sort of an outlet. Just when I was considering getting back into blogging, I made a friend who ran a blog at the time. She introduced me to the UK blogging scene, added me to groups, recommended blogs... I discovered how big it all became since I first started dabbling in it - it went way beyond the diaries, with all the beauty, fashion, food... I thought that if it's so popular to be blogging now, then why not?

At that time I had a very basic idea of what kind of blog I wanted, until I came up with the name "Halal Mama". I was pregnant with Adam, hence the "mama" bit of it. And as I had just converted a few months earlier, I wanted to incorporate my new Muslim identity into it. I think I wanted to document my journey of learning about living "halal", and in the beginning it had a strong focus on the halal food.

It was going ok - I was never overly consistent, but managed a post now and then. Some recipes, some diary-style posts, a little series about halal and haram food ingredients. I even managed to bag myself a few decent collaborations, where I was gifted stuff in exchange for posts.

Why have I stopped then?

I think I got to the point of doubting myself. As I explored more blogs, and got more into Instagram, I started feeling irrelevant. I discovered all those halal food bloggers, and suddenly felt like I can never compete with them. I followed more and more lifestyle and parenting bloggers, and thought that I'll never be as successful as them.

The reality is, I'm not super cool. I avoid being overly opinionated, to avoid confrontation. I don't go to fancy restaurants where I could post nice food from - in fact we rarely go out to eat at all, with the kids we just keep making plans and then end up ordering pizza to have at home. We don't travel much, even days out anywhere local are rare for us. Most days I just think that maybe my life is just too boring for this?

It didn't help that, when I asked on my Instagram recently whether people still read blogs or just stick to social media, it was pretty much 50-50!

But then I keep getting messages from some of you. Asking about the story of my marriage, asking for advice on being in multicultural relationship. I share those little snippets of my life on Instagram, and some of you ask me for more details. My life might not be Insta-worthy and really boring for some, but at the same time it might be similar to some people's and they can relate to what I have to say. 

And that's the reason why I took my notebook out, went through the ideas I wrote ages ago, and now sat down to turn these ideas into actual posts. Hopefully someone will end up reading them! ;)

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