30 November 2018

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Presto Snow*

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Oh my, how the year has flown again! Can't believe it's the end of November already, and only one month left of 2018. This means that winter will be officially starting too, eek! And what does the winter need? Snow!

While we wait for the real stuff, Adam's been having fun with some artificial one from Presto Snow.

Presto Snow is a magical powder, made of super absorbent polymer. It absorbs 100 times its weight in water, and can expand up to 30 times its volume - just one 5g scoop of the powder makes up approximately one cup of snow! A full 100g tub will make about 7 liters of white fluff.

Here's how it works:

It's really easy - add 60ml of water per scoop (just make sure you measure the water properly so you don't end up with wet slush) and the polymer powder will absorb it, turning into fluffy artificial snow. 

The positives: kids can play with it inside, and for long - it won't make their hands freeze. It won't melt, and lasts for days - you just need to gently sprinkle it with water to freshen up. I would advise to not keep it in a sealed container - we did, and after a few days it started smelling a little like damp, so, yeah... (totally my bad!)

One negative - you can't build anything with it - once you make it into snow, it's like the dry kind that doesn't stick into snowballs or anything. Adam had fun making a little winter village, but that's about all you can do with it. I do think it would work great for some winter or Christmas decorations though, if that's something you do!

If you'd be interested in some Presto Snow, it's available in 50g and 100g tubs from Amazon:    


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