05 November 2018

New chapter

It's now been a week since I turned 30.

Honestly I thought I'll be feeling emotional or something. It's a milestone birthday after all! It should be a whole new chapter of my life!

It kinda made me feel super young to be able to say "I'm in my twenties" - even when I eventually got to 29. Somehow being in my twenties made me think of the thirty-somethings as more mature, even though they weren't necessarily that much older than me. I guess it kinda came from being that older one - when you're in your 20s, the teenagers tend to look at you as someone so much older (even if you're just 20-21, and they're 18-19). There's something about moving into another decade of your life that makes you feel relatable only to people within the same decade - one up or down and it can feel like this huge gap, even if it isn't. 

It's probably really chaotic and silly what I'm saying, but hopefully someone here will get me lol!

Anyway - I'm feeling nothing in particular. Well, I did get emotional, but not because of the birthday itself, but because Hubby was ever so thoughtful and brought the cake, flowers, bottle of fizzy (non-alcoholic of course), cards from him and the kids and a balloon. I got emotional, because it's just my silly nature - I played the Disney songs playlist off YouTube for Adam the other day, and Lion King's "Circle of life" still sets me off. But it just felt like any other birthday, my life didn't take some sort of sudden turn, I'm not feeling any more mature, or in any way different for that matter.

But, regardless of how I feel about being 30 - it's time to get a grip. At the moment I'm not necessarily in the position to work outside, so I really need to get serious about trying to do something from home. I know I've said it a million times before, but I really should stop neglecting the blog for the start. A massive thanks go to sister Jameela from Ilma Education for setting up the Blog Post challenge and giving us prompts to get us writing. Let's hope this will be my motivation to write regularly, and finally use all the topics I just keep writing down in my notebook!


  1. Look at it this way - you've moved up from Joanna version 2.9 to 3.0! Haha.

    I get what you mean when you say the move in decades seems to make a big difference, even though its really not.

    Hope you had a great day!

  2. Welcome to your 30s sis. May you be wiser in your old age lol. Don't worry, you're still young! On another note, just keep writing. The more you write, the clearer you'll get on what you want to write about...onwards

  3. Best of luck with writing and the new decade of life!!

  4. Wow, at the end of October, I also turned 30 and I felt the same exact way! There were so many emotions that accompanied my birthday. I am hoping to get started on a blog and for whatever reason, the transition from 20s to my 30s was the motivation I needed to randomly buy a domain. Best wishes!


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