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by - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Eco by Naty originated in Sweden, after the founder Marlene Sandberg came across an article, saying that an average baby goes through half a ton of disposable nappies in a year. Just imagine those landfills, eh? Marlene decided that all those nappies, made mainly of plastic, were a massive burden on the environment, so she would work on a more eco-friendly alternative. After five years of extensive research and hard work, Eco by Naty was born.

We were sent a lovely little hamper of various products - pack of nappies, biodegradable nappy bags, choice of scented and unscented baby wipes, baby shampoo, rash cream, and a hand cream for myself.

If I tried to imagine eco-friendly nappies before trying these, I'd probably picture something of poor quality, looking like they're about to fall apart. I was pleasantly surprised with Eco by Naty nappies - they look pretty strong. 

The main absorbent is wood pulp, and other layers include other biodegradable materials like sugarcane and compost certified tissue. The leak-proof layer is made of cornstarch, which is as effective as plastic used in other nappies. All those materials are 100% non-GMO. The nappies are also unbleached and contain no perfume. And I quite liked that the design is really simple, all white with just a delicate pattern.

The natural cornstarch film is also used to make their disposable nappy bags. They're really good size, strong, and I quite liked that they don't have this strong, sickly scent that nappy bags usually do. 

Eco-friendly nappies were soon followed by a whole range of baby products - we got to try the rash cream and baby shampoo. They also offer stuff for grown-ups, from skincare (like this hand cream) to feminine care (pads and tampons). All the skincare is paraben-free, contains no mineral oils, no paraffin, no synthetic colours or fragrances. Basically, no nasties inside.

I'm keen on this kind of cosmetics, ever since Adam suffered with bad eczema as a baby. This is long gone, but now his skin can get extremely dry and itchy, so I try to use some mild cosmetics. Obviously, same goes for Aminah, as I try to avoid having the same problems with her. 

After trying it out, this is hands down my favourite rash cream yet. It's not too thick, applies very nicely, and after actually trying it on some nappy rash it reduced the redness after one use. All this, while having no nasties on the ingredients list? Win-win!

Overall impressions?

The Eco by Naty products exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the nappies, and we didn't have any leaks. They also held on pretty well while Aminah was crawling around with just a nappy on in the recent heatwave. Rash cream was definitely my favourite, simply because it really worked on a sore bum.

Would I buy them regularly? Well - skincare, maybe. Nappies - probably not, purely because they are pricey. I do understand why they are - unlike plastic, the materials used by Eco by Naty are more expensive, because they are responsibly sourced. But with the amount of nappies we use, and a limited budget, we'll be sticking to our usual ones until I make it in the blogging world ;)

If you fancy trying the eco-friendly nappies for yourself, you can get a trial box from Eco by Naty WEBSITE

And if you're keen on them, use code "Halalmama" for 15% off your order (this excludes the trial box and the subscribe and save box)

*I was sent a selection of Eco by Naty products in exchange for a review. The opinions presented are always honest and my own.

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