Ali Huda - the Muslim kids' Netflix*

by - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I admit - I'm quite lenient when it comes to screen time. 

I do, however, keep an eye on the stuff Adam is watching. YouTube is a nightmare recently - have you seen all the weird stuff on it, that the kids can so easily find? When I check on Adam from time to time to see what he's watching, I happen to tell him to change the video way more often than I'd like to!

Yes, you'll say there's YouTube Kids - he didn't really like using it, and to be honest it's not that different to the regular YT, still too easy to access all the strange videos (like all those of Elsa and Spiderman being a couple, what is that even about!?)

Luckily, there are some apps around, which will only show our kids stuff that is safe for them to watch.

One of these is Ali Huda, dubbed the "Muslim Kids' Netflix. 

Ali Huda is a video subscription service, aimed at Muslim children. It's available anywhere in the world, and you can watch is on pretty much any device: iOS, Android, your laptop, Apple TV or Chromecast. And the small monthly fee allows your kids to watch all the shows ad-free. And you can save the videos for those times when you're away from the wi-fi.

What I really like, is that it's super easy to find videos best suited for your own child. You can choose according to category, or the child's age group - and there are programmes to suit the kids between 2 and 12, so quite a wide range.

I'll be honest here - Adam being just under 5, is only just starting to get some interest in Islamic stories etc. So, while the main focus of the app is obviously shows for the Muslim kids, I'm glad to see some shows that don't strictly focus on Islam - Adam quite enjoyed the "Knowsy Nina" who teaches kids some general life knowledge. He also loves watching cookery shows with us, so couple of foodie programmes available on Ali Huda are right up his street. 

That being said, he has an option to switch to Islamic cartoons whenever he feels like it, and he does watch them from time to time. One of his favourite is the Scrapbook Island from Eman Channel - 

If this looks like an app for you and your kids, you can try Ali Huda for free for 30 days, and after that it's $7.95 a month. Also, 10% of the profits go to UK-based charity Orphans in Need.

*Disclaimer: We were given 3 months of free access to Ali Huda in exchange for a review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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