15 December 2017

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Fizz Chocolate Fountain*

I'm probably not the kind of person that visits Maplin much. I associate it mostly with electronics like computer stuff, lights, cables... Last time I visited the store was good few years ago, when I needed a cable to connect my laptop to the router (Wi-Fi in my student flat sucked).

Anyway, I never knew they have stuff that's more up my street, like their novelty cookware selection! And they were kind enough to send us this cool Fizz Chocolate Fountain to try out.

Unsurprisingly, Adam's in love with it from the moment he saw the box and insisted on trying it out straight away. Once I stocked up on chocolate and all sorts of things for dipping, we gave it a go.

The fountain is super easy to use. Once it's placed on flat and stable surface, you just attach the auger and cascade tower, and plug it in. Turn the heater on, get your chocolate sauce ready, pour it into the base, switch the knob to turn on the motor and watch your chocolate flow. Easy-peasy!

If you get the consistency of your chocolate mix right, it's quite mesmerizing to watch actually. 

We're not really the party people, but it is the party season and a chocolate fountain would be a great addition to your table. Get some skewers, fruit pieces, marshmallows, biscuits, waffle pieces... Anything you fancy to eat chocolate-dipped! Seeing as I'm spending New Year's Eve alone with the kids again, I might set it up for a little fun time for me and Adam ;)

Alternatively, if you're not big on the chocolate, you can use it like fondue - make a cheesy sauce and prepare some savoury nibbles for dipping.

I mentioned it's really easy to set up, and it's equally easy to clean afterwards - take the auger and cascade tower out and rinse, pour the leftover chocolate out and wipe the base, and it's ready to go into the cupboard ready for the next party. The only complaint I have about it, is that the base would be easier to clean properly if it also came off, but it's not really that big of a deal.

It's a fantastic little piece - and if you still need to find a gift for anyone, or want something fancy to entertain your guests, if you order by 6pm on Sunday 17 December you can get one in time for Christmas. Get one from Maplin HERE - check out their other items too!

*We were sent the Fizz Chocolate Fountain from Maplin for the review - all opinions are, as always, my own and unaffected.

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