Newborn clothes haul

by - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Getting ready for the new baby is exciting as it is, but clothes shopping is definitely the best part!

I was eager to start baby shopping ever since we had our 20-week scan and were told the gender, but as that was early June I did my best to resist all that cuteness knowing I won't be able to use any of that in late October.

I also knew my mum would be getting loads of stuff, she was hoping for the news of a girl ever since I told them I was pregnant! So it made sense for me to actually wait and see what she got first, before going off and buying more stuff that Miss will outgrow really soon and never gets to wear - yup, happened with few of Adam's first outfits.

Anyway, as my parents won't come until after the baby is born, my mum decided to send the stuff she's bought so far in post, so I could also go off and buy whatever else we needed. And after going through Adam's old clothes I found a few things that will suit a little girl.

This was the first ever thing I bought for my baby girl! All this is actually from Lidl - they had some baby stuff in stores and I just couldn't resist on one of my shopping trips. I've heard a lot of good stuff about their baby clothes, but also have lot of experience with Lidl's clothes myself - Adam's had plenty of them, either bought by us or my mum, and I'm always pleased with the quality. I've got some clothes from Lidl too, just recently got couple of fantastic maternity dresses.

An obvious baby essential - bodysuits. These are from George at Asda. We actually randomly visited Asda one evening, and since we landed in the baby aisle... I couldn't resist this pack, the blue ones remind me of the gorgeous Cath Kidston patterns! Even Hubby says they are his favourites ;)

Another baby staple - sleepsuits. What I love most about these Primark ones are the sleeves that turn into scratch mitts that the baby won't easily take off. 

Here's couple of things my mum bought in Poland. The bodysuits are from Polish kids' brand 5-10-15, and the little cardigan is by Pumpkin Patch - she's really great with snapping brand new clothes, with tags still attached, from this one shop in my hometown that specialises in imported children's clothing. Most of the stuff she sent is in bigger sizes though, so they'll make the next edit ;)

And, of course, every girl needs her accessories, right? The silver trainers are from Primark, and I actually picked them together with Adam - it was kinda the first time he showed some acceptance of the fact that the baby is a girl ;) The Pooh booties are from my mum, stripy hat is something Hubby found in M&S. And this beautiful hat on the right is handmade - there's a lovely sister who found me on Instagram and kindly sent me one - she's currently perfecting her design, but if she decides to go ahead and start selling them, you'll definitely hear about that from me! ❤

Last but not least, couple of items I found amongst Adam's old things. Unfortunately I didn't have much in newborn, or even 0-3 size. I don't think that we actually had any fancier outfits for that time, mostly bodysuits and babygrows - and none of them survived, if you know what I mean ;)

So these are some of my favourite newborn bits. I'm really trying to stay reasonable, and whenever I REALLY liked something I'm waiting for little Miss to be at least few months old so she can actually wear nicer bits for a while rather than outgrow them in couple of weeks! But don't you think baby clothes' shopping is the nicest part of getting ready for their arrival? ❤

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