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by - Thursday, August 10, 2017

I wrote about this once - even though I might not cover my head with a scarf, dressing modestly is still important to me.

Sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle. Being modest doesn't mean being frumpy - I want to cover my body, but still be fashionable. Actually the current fashion is pretty modesty-friendly, I can usually find some great long-sleeved shirts or tunics. But occasionally I stumble upon a piece I really like, which has one major problem - it's sleeveless.

Now, it's not the end of the world, is it? I can always put a cardigan on... But that kind of defies the point of getting that pretty item, because it'll just get covered. How about a long-sleeved top underneath then? Well... that kind of works fine in the colder months when we're all layering up anyway, but in summer? 

Is there a perfect solution then? Yes - Wingz sleeves! 

Basically they just cover the arms and nothing else - brilliant, isn't it? The sleeves are attached to an elastic band that sits comfortably under your bust (and I do actually mean comfortably), so there's no extra material covering your torso.

I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to 'halalify' their wardrobe. It's a real struggle, especially straight after reverting when you suddenly find that quite a few of your clothes are not as modest as they should be, especially if you want to start wearing the hijab.

Wingz come in variety of styles and colours, so everyone can find ones to match their personal style. Mine are plain full length fitted stretch, but you can also get Wingz in lace, or go for the flared ones. You can also choose between half, 3/4 or full sleeves. And reasonably priced (the ones I have are at £16.99) they're certainly a better option than suddenly changing your entire wardrobe.

Now in pregnancy they are a real life-saver! I'm not keen on buying lots of maternity clothes that I'll use for few month and then have to put away. And it's really hard to find something fitting the growing bump that's both modest and good for summer. I found myself some stretchy short-sleeve dresses that I can pair up with leggings or jeans as tunics, and Wingz help me cover up without extra layers - bump makes me feel extra hot already, thank you very much.

If you also love the idea of Wingz, check out their full range at - and they have a sale going on now, 20% off your Wingz until the end of August!

And if you've tried Wingz yourself, let me know - I'd love to see how they help you style! 😊

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