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by - Thursday, July 27, 2017

There's a funny thing about wearing glasses - when you don't need them, you might wonder how it would be to wear them. When you do need a pair, you might hate them. 

Over the past few years since I started needing glasses, I myself went from quite liking them, through switching to contact lenses, to falling in love with my glasses. I'm at the point now, where I feel like my face is incomplete without my specs on! I now only use my contacts on super sunny days when I want to wear my sunnies.

Anyway, I've had my favourite pair from for about a year now. I like them so much, that my other two pairs are lying somewhere forgotten in the drawer! But recently I started fancying a change, so I was looking around for some new frames. I found a few, but couldn't quite decide. And you know how sometimes, when you're looking for something, it just happens to come your way? Well, contacted me again to see if I fancied some new eyeglasses from them! What a perfect timing!

If you haven't seen my previous post about them, is your perfect (and cheaper alternative to high street opticians, selling glasses online. They have an amazing choice of frames at great prices, and with their try-it-on tool you can make sure that the frames you fancy actually suit you.

Last time I picked those blue frames, and now for a slight change I chose the pink ones. They have slightly different shape, but you can see it's similar ombre-kind of shading.

All the glasses come with a hard case and microfibre cloth for cleaning. And again, they had the anti-reflective coating - it's quite an important thing for myself, as I work in the environment with all artificial light and spend some time in front of the computer screens.

If you don't mind waiting 2-3 weeks for your new pair, check them out - and with the discount code GSHOT50 you'll get 50% off on any glasses, including lenses (excludes those already on sale). Oh, and they do prescription sunglasses too if you'd rather get 50% of those!

The glasses were sent to me for the purpose of the review. All the opinions are, as always, all mine and honest.

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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of online glasses shopping and used to use a similar company when I lived in California (USA). Do you know if GlassesShop ships worldwide or are they only local to UK?

  2. I can relate to the story of glasses :) I used to wear lens 10 years ago but then I changed to specs. And now my face is incomplete without my glasses. Plus there is another advantage, my specs can hide my dark circles too. B)

  3. Nice post. I have signed up to get my eyes tested next week as it goes. I suspect glasses will be on order for reading at least and if I do end up needing a pair I will take up your recommendation! Thanks again.

  4. Lovely review ❤
    Definitely gonna check them out.

  5. Cool glasses. I have to always check any pair I buy a hundred times before i finally decide to get them! How do you refer you eyesight numbers when buying online?

    1. It's quite simple really, just copy the numbers from the prescription (they should be using same or similar codes for everything). The only thing not included in my prescription was pupillary distance, but whenever you buy glasses online they explain how to measure this yourself :)

  6. These look trendy and from your review i gain they are comfortable too...

  7. I have worn glasses for nearly 18 years and I have gone through all kinds of frame phase. From the rim-less to the harry potter ones, to the thick frame ones to the vintage looking ones! Ive had laser now so my glasses days are over! Really like the pink frame though! Had something like this during my college days!

  8. I wear glasses too! However I've never bought them online! But this time thinking to give it a try! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Pretty glasses! I have a small face and hence I have a heard time finding the right specs that will suit my face in niqab because after wearing niqab the glasses completely cover my face. Good thing I only need them when reading white boards or presentation slides.


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