Halal Goodies Celebration Box

by - Tuesday, February 07, 2017

When you've had a rough day at work, there's nothing better than coming home to some nice surprise. Last week I've had a real treat waiting for me - limited edition Celebration Box from Halal Goodies

I've already mentioned Halal Goodies here, after receiving one of their mini boxes through a giveaway. 

Towards the end of 2016, they launched a campaign to promote their Celebration Box - it's a limited edition box to celebrate the brands' initial success and the great things yet to come in 2017. After falling in love with my first box I was so excited to know I'd be getting a Celebration Box too!

I really liked the packaging - even though it's very minimalistic, it has this kind of luxurious feel about it. 

As promised, the box was packed with goodies: Three full sized products, some samples, lovely notebook and set of Islamic prints. Since they first announced the box they've also added an issue of "Sisters" magazine, and a gorgeous scarf from Nabiila Bee.

The full sized products in my box were: deep cleansing mask by Organic Surge, Akamuti lip butter and handcrafted natural soap. 

After previously trying the Akamuti chocolate mask I was really happy to see another product from them, and it didn't disappoint! This citrusy lip butter quickly became my handbag staple, it did a great job protecting my lips over the recent frosty days.

The face mask didn't give me good first impression - it was impossible to squeeze it out! Once I finally managed to get some out, it surprised me. It felt a bit like applying moisturiser, rather than a mask. But after washing off it left my skin soft and feeling pampered, so the initial hiccup was forgiven 😉

The All Natural Soap Co. also featured in my previous box, but only as a little sample. This one smells equally gorgeous, it's just packed with fragrance.

Another little soap in the sample packet, joined by Evolve Organic Beauty and Nourish. That Argan Skin Renew is superb, and so economical - the above samples are tiny, literally coin-sized containers, but you only need a tiny amount. Full bottle would last me forever, and I'm really tempted to get one.

But Halal Goodies is not just about cosmetics. It's the whole lifestyle. In addition to beauty products, we got some paper goods too: notebook for personal notes, an issue of "Sisters" magazine, and set of motivational prints. 

Last, but not least, there was this beautiful scarf from hijabi blogger Nabiila Bee. when the box was first announced, it wasn't included, but Halal Goodies announced this addition closer to the box release date. I don't even wear a headscarf, and got pretty excited! I've been following Nabiila for a while now, and I think it's great to see bloggers like her becoming successful and releasing their own brands. The scarf is amazingly soft and great quality. And although red is not necessarily my colour, it will go perfectly with one of my Pakistani outfits 😊

The Celebration Box was limited edition, only available for pre-order before the New Year, but Halal Goodies have many other boxes to choose from. If you fancy trying some new, natural skincare brands, or even make up, make sure to pay their online store a visit. The boxes make great gifts too! Just click on the banner in my sidebar to explore the Halal Goodies shop (I might make a small commission if you do).

Has anyone got a Celebration Box? I'd love for you to share your own experience 😊

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