Healthy snacking with Nim's Crisps*

by - Sunday, November 13, 2016

I love snacking. I'd say it's a big part of my life, especially when I spend the days at home with Adam. It's probably also one of the main reason for all those pounds piling up!

Actually snacking itself isn't necessarily all bad - it's supposed to be good to have a snack in between meals, to avoid overeating large portions. But then, the snacks need to be healthy, not like my usual choice of chocolate, biscuits or crisps. Theoretically I could just have some fruit or vegetables, but let's be honest - we all like variety and want something more exciting than an apple! I know I do, especially when I spend the whole rainy day bored at home. And I admit, most of my snacking is a result of boredom.

One thing I do like, that's pretty healthy, are dried fruit crisps. I absolutely love apple crisps, but usually have little luck finding them - all I can ever find on the shelves are soft dried apple slices, whereas I prefer a bit of crunch. Actually most dried fruit are soft, the only crunchy ones that I can usually find are the banana crisps. My own dehydrator is definitely on a wishlist for the future ;)

Turns out, there's a brand of healthy fruit and vegetable crisps for the crunch fans like me!

Nimsha Raja first introduced her air-dried Nim's Fruit Crisps in 2012. She realised that both adults and children enjoy the flavour and texture of the crisps, but wanted a healthier option - especially being a mum. She started sourcing great quality fruit, and perfected the process of air-drying them for crispness and great flavour. Her crisps fitted perfectly into growing healthy lunchbox trend, and quickly grew in popularity. Last year Nimsha was able to set up her own UK-based factory, meaning the brand can now ensure consistency of the product and exceptional quality.

Nim's Crisps are currently available in eight varieties. Five fruity options include apple, pear, pineapple, melon and orange and pineapple and kiwi. There are also three vegetable varieties: tomato and cucumber, peppers and courgettes, and classic beetroot and parsnip.

I already said that I love apple crisps, but it was great to try something different. While I wasn't overly keen on the dried melon, I absolutely loved the dried orange - could happily have a whole pack of just that! Although I must say that after trying few more pieces, even the melon started growing on me. My absolute favourite from the range though was the pineapple. I've had dried pineapple before, but never crunchy, so it was definitely a whole new experience.

All in all, the Nim's Crisps are the perfect healthy snacks. One pack counts as your five-a-day, and they're 100% natural and vegan, with no added nasties - just dried fruit and vegetables, so they're fat, dairy and gluten free. And they come in really convenient small packs, perfect on the go.

Adam didn't quite share my enthusiasm - to be honest, the flavours in the crisps are pretty intensive, so along with the unusual crisp texture I suppose it got a bit too overwhelming for his little tastebuds. But now Nim's Crisps are also trying to introduce Nim's Kids - a range of more subtle flavours for the little snackers.

(please note that the final flavour varieties haven't been decided yet, the ones presented above are just examples)

The current range of Nim's Crisps is available online and at independent local retailers, but they want to reach the major supermarkets. To achieve that, and to launch the kids' range, they're currently running a fundraising campaign through Tesco BackIt - a programme that helps small food and drink businesses get discovered by customers. And if you choose to back their campaign, you can get rewarded for making a contribution! If you have a look at their campaign page, you can see exactly where your support can take them. Be quick though, they now have less than a month left to reach their goal!

*I was sent samples of  Nim's Crisps range for the purpose of the review, but as always I've given my honest opinion.

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