Ashridge Forest

by - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Last week was the school half-term for us. We didn't really plan anything special, like lots of people do, but Hubby took a few days off work so we spent that week all together.

The weather wasn't exactly the best, but we did decide to take a small trip. And what's better about autumn than all the colours around? So we went off to visit the Ashridge forest in Hertfordshire - it's only about half an hour drive from us, so it's a perfect choice for a day out.

The forest is part of Ashridge Estate, owned by National Trust. It's a whooping 5,000 acres of woodlands. It's great for walkers - we saw lots of people with dogs, and whole families enjoying a stroll. We only chose to have a short walk, having a toddler in tow, but quite a few people had prams and strollers with them - there are some wheelchair trails available.

For those hanging out for a while, there's a small shop and café to grab a lunch, although possibly the best option is to bring a picnic. We did bring some sandwiches and snacks, but the day was pretty chilly and the dark clouds covering the sky made us unsure, so we had our lunch after returning to the warmth of our car - plus Adam's been battling a cold pretty much since he started the nursery, so we didn't want to keep him out in the cold for too long. But I'd love to go again closer to summer, and spend some more time hanging around the woods.

We still enjoyed the trip - Adam was picking up leaves, and even found some nice acorns (we never found any in town, I'm not even sure if I ever spotted an oak here!).

Here are just a few of the photos from the day:

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