03 October 2016

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Onion syrup - natural infection fighter

Colder days and nights, constant temperature changes during the day... Autumn is in full swing. For many it becomes a season of infections: colds, coughs... The three of us also fell ill last week.

Now, we do use medicines to battle our colds, but always try to support these battles with natural solutions like honey, lemons, ginger...

One thing that my mum always used to make when we had colds, is onion syrup. It might not be the tastiest thing ever, but I grew to quite like it. Onions have been used to fight infections for centuries, and being rich in vitamin C they can also help improve your immunity.

To prepare a portion of syrup, simply slice a large onion and sprinkle with sugar, which will release the juices. Let it sit overnight.

In the morning you'll have a portion of clear syrup. Take a spoonful as needed for your cough and cold. 

Store it for 1-2 days, then make fresh batch if needed.

It tastes quite nice and sweet, but keep in mind it does smell and taste of onions! Adam decided he didn't like it and spat his spoonful out - you can try keeping the nose closed while drinking it.

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  1. Its great,will give it a try. Hope my lo lyks it too. I hv been gvng my lo honey nd turmeric fr cough nd cold and tht tends to work grt as well.All the best for your future projects.


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