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by - Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I've mentioned this before - I love seeing new halal food brands hitting major supermarkets! I think it's great that halal food is now widely available, so if we go away we can just hit a Tesco or Asda and don't need to specifically look for halal (usually Asian) store.

What's even better, is that halal ready meals are becoming more popular. Sometimes I go into the local supermarket, not knowing what to cook on that day. They do have some halal ready meals, but it's all mostly Indian curries. So on these occasions I end up buying a vegetarian pizza, or going for some meat-free option ;)

I'm not saying there are absolutely no halal ready meals available, but the ones I found locally are rather uninspiring, and don't really represent good value for money. 

When Foodery asked me to try their new halal meal pots, I was really interested - their three flavours from different parts of the world sounded amazing.

Foodery was created by food enthusiast, who experienced real food around the world. Back home they realised, that due to lack of time and budget, people don't get a chance to have the same culinary experience. Their vision is to recreate and share those authentic flavours, and make them accessible and fit to the busy modern lifestyles.

At the moment they're offering three flavours: Jamaican jerk chicken (hot), Moroccan chicken tagine (medium) and Thai green chicken curry (medium).

The pots are packed with good chicken pieces, lots of vegetables and choice of carbs to best accompany the dish, plus generous portion of flavoursome sauces. The portion size is just right, even Hubby said it was quite filling.

The great thing about the pots is that they can be easily taken to work for lunch. With the secure lid there won't be any spillage in your bag, and all you need to do on your lunch break is to slightly open the lid and pop the pot in the microwave. Plus, while most of the microwave meals come covered with the film, and once you open it then that's it, Foodery pots can be sealed back with the lid in case you can't finish the meal in one go.

I love moroccan flavours, so I opted for the Moroccan tagine pot for my lunch work the other day. I really enjoyed the choice of vegetables, and the giant couscous works really well in it. However, I wasn't quite able to finish it all in one go - although it's marked as 'medium' heat, I found it pretty spicy. That's where being able to re-seal it with the lid came handy, as I could then take it back home with me.

My personal favourite was Thai green chicken curry. It's just how I like it, not overly spicy, and the sauce is full of gorgeous lemongrass flavour.

Oh, and did I mention that each of these is under 500 kcal?

Overall  the're great as the quick fix - whether you can't be bothered to cook, or need easy solution for your work lunch. And at just £2.50 they're great value!

These are currently available at Tesco and ASDA (also online) - check Foodery's website for your nearest stockist.

*The above post was written in collaboration with Foodery, who kindly sent us some samples to try. As always, all opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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  1. I'm glad to know that this new brand has launched in the market and they're selling at Tesco and Asda that currently do not supply any Halal ready to eat meals. Not at least at the Tesco near my place. Can't wait to try them out.

  2. Had the Jamaican Jerk today, was really tasty! Preferred it to the Tagine one.

  3. Had the Jamaican jerk one today, was really tasty - full of flavour. Preferred it the Tagine one.


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