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Back in 2011 two friends, Imran and Noman, came up with the idea of Halal Food Festival to connect Muslim foodies with halal food businesses. And then they thought "Let's call the halal foodies - HALOODIES!"

I attended that festival in September 2013, and it was the first time when I realised how big the halal scene actually is! We live in majorly Muslim area here, so obviously there's halal food around, but it's mostly Indian/Pakistani and handful of Middle-Eastern places. Oh yeah, and hundreds of "chicken and chips" shops.

Anyway, after the success of the Festival, Imran and Noman realised that the Haloodies needed more than a festival - they wanted fresh and wholesome food, they needed quality meats and poultry in variety of cuts. And with the busy lifestyles, they needed convenience. So the guys created a new halal food brand, called, of course, Haloodies - a range of fresh meat and poultry, conveniently packed and available for delivery right to your door.

OK, I must admit that despite following them since their very beginning, I never actually bought Haloodies meat - purely because at the time they were only stocked in Ocado (now also at Amazon Fresh), and with halal butcher just around the corner it's not exactly my first shopping choice. But now they introduced a brand new cooked chicken range, which is available at larger Tesco stores - yay!

I was actually looking for an excuse to get Hubby to take me to Tesco, so I could maybe grab some of these, so I was super excited when Imran from Haloodies got in touch and asked if I wanted to try some of the new range! I got the above selection: Peri Peri Mini Split Sticks, Southern Fried Fillets and Mini Fillets, Battered Chicken Fillets and Mini Bites, Chargrilled Chicken Fillets and Sliced Cajun Chicken Breast

Way before I switched to halal meat, in my student days, I used to buy cooked chicken slices a lot, because of the convenience - you can use them cold for a sandwich filler, and for the hot meal they just need a quick warming through. And that's exactly what the Haloodies cooked range offers - convenience. It's the halal brand to suit the busy lifestyle of modern Muslims. The chicken can be eaten cold straight from the pack, of warmed up in just about 10 minutes for a hot meal. And it can be used for pretty much anything you can come up with - put it in a wrap or a sandwich, get it on a plate with some chips, throw it in a salad... There's a great choice of both plain and spiced up products, so there's something for everyone - our own little Haloodie enjoyed his mini Battered Bites with their milder taste.

Here are just a few ideas of how I used my cooked Haloodies chicken:

I put Sliced Cajun Chicken Breast in baguettes, for a wholesome lunch. Actually they were so good, that I did the same the following day! 

A little twist on my favourite Polish lunch! I love simple breadcrumb-coated chicken breast with mashed potato or chips and a side salad (here it's grated cooked beetroot). This time we used Southern Fried Chicken Fillets

And using the Southern Fried Chicken again, but this time the Mini Fillets, we made really good, spicy wraps. Actually Hubby and I would probably agree that the SF Mini fillets were our favourite in the range ;)

Recipes, anyone? ;)


As you might have seen in my previous post, I actually got to meet Imran and Noman in person at the London Halal Food Festival.

These two are great guys, and really passionate about their Haloodies brand. Muslims themselves, they care a lot about their product meeting the highest standard - halal food is not just business for them, they're fully committed to making sure that their products meet all the halal standards. After finding a supplier to meet all their requirements, they personally visited their facility in Thailand to meet the slaughtermen and check the manufacturing process. Satisfied that the chicken is 100% halal, they now happily provide it to us in the UK - read more on their website HERE.

It's great to see a Muslim business so committed to providing the quality and making sure the food really is halal - I once mentioned "halal" marked sausages, which contained carmine (mostly agreed to be haram). With Haloodies only giving us 100% halal chicken breast, we never have to worry about any nasty surprises.

The Haloodies cooked chicken range is available at larger Tesco stores. I'll definitely be getting their cooked chicken again - it would be great for taking on trips abroad, where halal meat is not readily available!

The above post was written in collaboration with Haloodies. As always, all opinions are my own.

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