12 July 2016

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ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

We've been planning to visit the Zoo for quite a while now - we've been to one in Lahore, we visited the Kraków Zoo while in Poland, but we never got to visit any of more local ones! As we're in Bedfordshire, we're quite close to the Whipsnade Zoo, and London is not too far away, but we can hardly ever manage to get some time off work together - when Hubby works I'm home with Adam, and vice versa. 

Since we were celebrating Eid (marking the end of Ramadan) last Wednesday, we both took some time off work to spend the holidays together, and planned to visit the Zoo over the weekend. However, as it got sunny on Friday afternoon, we decided there's no point postponing it any longer, as we might not be in luck with the weather later on, so we quickly packed a few snacks and left for the Whipsnade Zoo.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is UK's biggest Zoo, housing over 2,500 animals. Set in 600 acres of land, located in the Chiltern Hills in Bedfordshire, its surrounding areas provide a truly breathtaking view.

The Zoo is open until 6pm during the summer season - we reached there about 3pm, thinking we have plenty of time to go around, but I'd certainly recommend getting there earlier. We definitely underestimated the size of the Zoo and the amount of time it would take to walk around.

We started off by going into the Europe part, thinking that we'd go around, spend a little time with each animal and then maybe let Adam enjoy the playground for a bit. However, by the time we actually got to the end, it was nearly closing time, and we were all so tired that playground was out of question anyway.

Firstly, we ventured into the lemurs' residence. You get to walk trough a little park, over the bridge and into the area where they run free. Once we reached the end of the road, we were in for a little wait - a few of the cheeky lemurs jumped all over the gate, so we couldn't be let out without them escaping. We took it as an opportunity to take a few photos, while they were jumping across the path. Couple of them got quite friendly, with one trying to grab my arm, and another one sitting on Hubby's shoulder a moment later! 

As we went towards the penguins' pool, we were in for a lovely surprise - the elephants were out on a little walk over there! We couldn't get as close to them as we did with the lemurs, but it was a great experience to actually see them casually walking around, rather than in the enclosure - felt almost like a safari trip ;)

As it was time for the elephants to go back, it was time for us to move on. Skipping the boring description, here are some photos from around the Zoo:

Overall, it was a great trip. We came home exhausted, but glad we finally made it there. I would definitely recommend getting there earlier than we did - we had 3 hours inside, yet we still didn't manage to get to every animal in the Zoo. We were also hoping to pop into the Hullabazoo Farm, for the up-close experience with farm animals, but we simply didn't have any more time.

I'd also recommend bringing your own little picnic - there are plenty of places to sit and rest and be surrounded by the fantastic view. Plus almost all the cafés inside the Zoo were closed at the time.

I think going there early would also allow us to actually see more of the animals we managed to get to - many of the animals went into hiding, lions and cheetahs were napping (as well as the tiger, who didn't bother to move despite Adam shouting "wake up!" to him ;))

If you're looking for a great family day out around London, but don't necessarily want to get into the City, Whipsnade Zoo is great for the animal lovers!

It's all just my personal opinions, for all the information please visit the Zoo's website:

(The post was not written in association with the Whipsnade Zoo)

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