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If you follow my social media (if not, there are neat little buttons on the right ;)), you know I wear glasses. I'm short-sighted, to be specific.

When I was at uni, I realised I can't see so well anymore. On one of my visits to Poland I had my eyes tested, and ended up with a pair of glasses.

Looking back, the frames I chose then were hideous! I tried to rectify that couple of years later, when I needed stronger lenses and went for new frames too, but eventually I gave in to contact lenses and ditched the glasses for quite a while.

Then again, while I was pregnant I found the contacts extremely uncomfortable, so it was back to the glasses.

Luckily, there are so many cool frames to choose from! And because I need my glasses 24/7 (well, minus the sleep ;)) I want to feel that my frames look fashionable and make me look good.

I found that most high street opticians are rather pricey, unless you're after really plain and simple frames, so I've been getting my frames online for the past few years. Recently, however, I wanted to try out a new style and got it totally wrong. When I thought I'd be wearing the same frames for the rest of my life, I got a message from GlassesShop, asking if I'd like to check out their online store and choose some new prescription glasses for myself.

You might have seen these on my Instagram:

It actually took me a while to choose these from all the cheap glasses they offer! I was slightly worried that I might choose another set if frames that won't suit me, but no such problem with GlassesShop - their website offers a try-it-on tool, where you upload a photo and can "try on" any frames you like, before you decide to buy. Of course, if you're looking for a great deal on prescription sunglasses, you can choose a pair as well :) Once you've made a choice, all you need is your prescription to enter your details, and just wait for the delivery.

The parcel took a while to arrive, but I can only blame the international mail services ;)
The glasses arrived packed very carefully, with not a slightest sign of damage.

Glasses came with a clear hard case and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

I'm also glad that they added anti reflective coating - I once accidentally put Hubby's glasses on, and found out that when it comes to glasses, there's nothing more annoying than light reflexes on the lenses!

I really loved my experience with the GlassesShop, and will definitely shop with them again!

AND, if you're thinking to get yourself some new frames, or maybe new sunglasses for the summer, I have some good news - you can get 50% OFF their already cheap glasses, if you enter code GSHOT50 at checkout! Let me know if you get a new pair of glasses to love :)

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