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by - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I've been postponing this review for a while now, hoping that I could engage Adam a bit, but he wasn't too keen to participate at the time that I wanted him to ;)

Recently I've been sent some goodies by The Muslim Sticker Company. Adam has recently discovered the joy of stickers (if you follow my Instagram, you might've seen our little toy box project ;)), so I thought this would be great for him.

We received two books: Sun, Sea and Sand Islamic Sticker Activity Book and  My A-Z Sticker Book of Islam, as well as the Ramadan Chart.

My A-Z Sticker Book of Islam is exactly what the title says: a tool for the kids to learn and practice the alphabet, using words related to Islam.

A is for Allah, but that page isn't too photogenic any more, after we got creative with crayons, so we move to B for "bismiwwah" that Adam has recently learned ;)

The book has so many ways to learn and play with it - each letter is associated with and Islamic expression, which is then explained in a simple way. This is accompanied by an illustration that can be coloured in, and on the bottom of each page kids can practice writing their letters. Adam isn't quite interested in colouring, let alone learning to write, but when we get to that stage it will make a good tool to practice. Kids can also pick the correct letter sticker from the stickers sheet, to match with the one on the page, maybe I can at least get him to do that ;)

To support the letter learning, we have a little guide at the back:

Sun, Sea and Sand Islamic Sticker Activity Book is one we'll keep for later ;)

This one teaches children about water and things related to the sea. We'll find activities teaching about the different oceans, sea creatures, water cycle etc. There's also story of Prophet Yunus and duas related to the rainfall.

While I really like the book, and how it teaches about water including the Islamic perspective, it's definitely something aimed at slightly older children - activities in the book include a crossword, wordsearch, drawing your own pictures and filling the gaps with words - quite ahead of us I'd say ;) A toddler can only enjoy some colouring in and the stickers, and of course we can use the book to read the Yunus' story.

Ramadan Chart is really cool way to start teaching kids about the importance of this special month. 

To start with, we are reminded with the hadith, that:

All acts done by the sons of Adam are meant for himself, except fasting.
It is only meant for Me (Allah) and I (Allah) will reward him for it.

Of course there are duas for the beginning and breaking the fast, with the transliteration and English translation provided.

The chart comes with a set of 66 fun stickers, which we use as rewards for Islamic deeds done during each day - from trying to keep the fast, helping to prepare food, giving money to charity or reading the Quran, to sharing food or toys with others. Since Adam is obviously too small to even attempt fasting, we'll probably be trying to emphasize the charity bit, and I might include him in the iftar preparations (since there's only gonna be the two of us most of the time ;)). Slightly older children, who understand the concept of Ramadan, will definitely enjoy being rewarded for their everyday little deeds.

If you like these, go check The Muslim Sticker Company's  WEBSITE for more fun activity books, variety of stickers and even halal sweets!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products in exchange for the review, however all the opinions stated above are of my own.

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  1. Great activity books! I wish they had something like that in the US. I know they ship but it's very expensive. I was wondering if you have any Ramadan traditions that you do with your son? How do you engage him during that month? I'm looking for some fun ideas how to teach my kids about this special month. Maybe you can share it in one of the posts? Thanks :)


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