Hello 2016

by - Friday, January 01, 2016

So, we made it through yet another calendar.

It's unbelievable how quickly the time passes.

Apart from a few memorable moments, I probably wasted most of my time. This time last year I was writing down my goals for 2015, but obviously didn't make most of them happen. Well, at some point I did manage to somehow lose a little bit of weight ;)

This time I'm not writing down any resolutions or goals. I observed throughout the years, that somehow if I blab to anyone about my plans or hopes, something usually goes wrong and said thing never happens. So, sorry but I'm keeping my plans to myself ;)

One thing I want to do though, is to work on this blog. I feel quite bad for neglecting it in the past months, even though I really wanted it to start growing last year. At some point I seem to have lost my mojo, even though I could think of some stuff to write about. All I've done here since the last post, was to delete some old ones, that I no longer found relevant to the blog. And I worked on the theme, to keep it a little simpler. But now my new diary is already filled with loads of ideas, so I need to give myself a solid kick in the butt and make things happen!

Looking forward to sharing new stuff with you this year, hope you stick around!

Have a great year everyone x

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  1. I feel like this post is written about me :) I always feel like when I start talking about my goals I never really achieve them. Even though people say that if you share your goals with others you're more likely to achieve them because you have a sense of accountability .....another thing is my blog.....with my toddler who needs 100% of my attention I've completely neglected my blog......hopefully I can go back to it one day :) in the meantime I'll be exploring your blog because I find it really inspiring!


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