04 September 2015

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"For Aisha" - halal baby food pouches*

Although Adam is already 26 months old, when I was asked to spread the word about the new range of halal baby food pouches, I couldn't say no!

For Aisha is a new baby food company, offering halal baby food pouches suitable from 7 months up. The dishes are packed with great ingredients and full of essential nutrients. And, of course, they are made with certified halal meat!

We all know how convenient baby food jars and pouches are when out and about, for a journey, or just one of those days when you can't be bothered to cook ;) However, Muslims can only eat halal meat, meaning we always had to go for vegetarian or fish option (and there isn't too much variety there). I'm delighted that halal baby food starts hitting the shops!

The pouches come in six exciting flavours from around the world:
  • Moroccan chicken tagine with couscous and apricots
  • Shepherd's pie with lamb and aromatic spices
  • Authentic indian chicken and sweet potato curry
  • Mild curried chicken dhal with lentils
  • Jamaican jerk chicken with mango
  • Vegetarian tomato and chunky chickpea curry

We got a chance to try four of them:

I'll admit - I was really curious about the taste of the pouches, and had a try myself ;) And I must say they truly are yummy! My favourite was the veggie curry, but they all had a great flavour!

The pouches are really packed with flavour, but at the same time mild enough for the tiny tastebuds. No added nasties, no salt, just good ingredients and great balance of spices. Fantastic meals for the little foodies. 

So, even though Adam is a big boy now and normally eats more grown-up food, he still enjoyed For Aisha pouches. They worked great as on-the-go snack when we went for a walk ;)

For Aisha baby food is available in ASDA (in-store and online), Ocado and Whole Foods Market, priced at £1.45. If you want to know more, visit www.foraisha.com

The above post was written in collaboration with For Aisha, who kindly sent us some food pouches to try. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Looks so nice, love this sharing, thank you

  2. I live in Birmingham I just wanted to where I could purchase these pouches? Tesco and boots have stopped selling them. And the other brands don't have much variety or halal foods in their jars.

    1. According to their website they should be available in Tesco, Boots, ASDA and Morrisons nationwide. Unfortunately I can't be of more help regarding Birmingham, as we're near London, but hope you can find them! Try getting in touch with "For Aisha" team, they should be able to guide you x


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