18 April 2015

# Lahore Diaries # Pakistan

What to see in Lahore - the Zoo

Since the weather was rally good when we got to Lahore, we didn't waste any time - second day in and the we set off to the zoo for a family day out.

The zoo is not particularly massive, but it makes a nice day out for the whole family - it was actually the first time we had an opportunity to take Adam to the zoo, and he was really happy as he loves the animals. Anyway, there's not much to say here, so I'm just gonna share some photos with you :)

We've also seen some otters, who moved way too quick for me, and a lonely bear that preferred to hide in his dark cave. The zoo also has the snake house, but we couldn't actually see any! The crowd was being rushed through the small building by the security guards, and with the reptiles hiding away we never got a chance to even try to spot one ;) 

Followed by a family picnic in the park and a bit of football for the boys, it was a really nice way to start our stay in Lahore :)

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  1. Oh wow! My local farm and zoo has lions now and giraffes, I have never seen an elephant, but I would I would love to. Great photos x


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