19 April 2015

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What to see in Lahore - Lahore Fort and Badshahi Masjid

Towards the end of our stay in Pakistan we spent a day in the beautiful Lahore Fort.

The Lahore Fort, locally known as Shahi Qila, is citadel located in the north-west corner of Lahore's Walled City. The origins of the fort are not certain, but after being destroyed and rebuilt several times, the existing structure goes back to 16th century when it was built by Mughal emperor Akbar. Since then it was upgraded by subsequent Mughal, Sikh and British rulers. 

I found the place really amazing - the architecture, gardens and examples of art are one of the most beautiful I've had a chance to see. Check for yourself! 

 First impressions - outside the entrance, while we were waiting for the tickets ;)

View on the Badshahi Mosque

Sheesh Mahal - the Palace of Mirrors 

(I'm being a bit cheeky here instead of writing the whole story of Shish Mahal ;))

Diwan-e-Aam - the Hall of Audience, and the Jharoka - Royal Balcony

As the Hall of Audience marked the end of our long tour around the fort, we decided to have some rest in the adjacent park. After a quick lunch Adam had some fun with his uncles and little aunty, and once he got exhausted and fell asleep we headed out of the fort, to end our day with a visit to the nearby Badshahi Mosque.

Alamgiri Gate of the fort and Hazuri Bagh - a small garden located between the fort and the mosque.

Mosque gate

Before entering the mosque, visitors are required to remove their shoes - there is a small area where you can safely leave your shoes - you get a number card which you need to pick them up later.

I wish I'd taken some photos inside the mosque, but after visiting a museum it was time for prayer and I didn't really think to take the camera inside...

We took turns in going in, so obviously when we left Adam to the guys, they couldn't miss a chance to mess around :D


  1. Oh my word. That tile work is amazing. A real work of art. I love it. What a wonderful place

  2. The origins of Lahore Fort are obscure and traditionally based on various myths It is unknown who first built a fort there. According to some Hindu myths, its foundation was attributed to Loh, the mythical son of Lord Rama....
    and i love Lahore Weather ???


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