10 April 2015

# Lahore Diaries # Pakistan

Lahore Lahore Aye!

It was on our second day in Lahore, I think, that I demanded to be taken out of the house ;) Hubby was supposed to go to the market with one of his brothers, to get some nappies, and after a bit of convincing that I hadn't come to Pakistan to spend my time at home, they took me with them. My Mother-in-law nearly cried, and recited Ayat ul-kursi (prayer to protect one from "evil eye") before she'd let me go out. It would make you think "Oh God, what can I expect outside then?", wouldn't it? ;)

Since then, every day we got to spend in Lahore, I fell more and more in love with the city. 

Hubby's family home is conveniently located just a walking distance from some great places, like Gawalmandi Food Street, Lahore Museum and Anarkali bazaar. Luckily we had uncle's car at our disposal, so we could go anywhere in the city, but for me walking around the busy streets was the great part of the true experience. It gave me a chance to see things I'd most likely miss driving by, and I could take a few snaps too ;)

Art sellers on the road side.

Yup, that's a car on a forklift. Apparently that's how you get your car towed away ;)

Citrus seller - very common view.

Street food - pithi laddu

Busy Anarkali bazaar

Lahore Museum

Lahore is ugly and beautiful at the same time. Most of the buildings are grey, dull and really neglected, looking like they're about to collapse, and streets are scaringly dirty (everyone throws the rubbish anywhere it's convenient). Then in some areas you see these modern houses fit for the millionaires, beautifully maintained parks and elegant designer boutiques. And of course the most beautiful examples of old architecture, like the museum on the picture above.

The one thing that Hubby seems to hate about Pakistan, and the one that I miss the most, is the traffic and the noise. Apart from larger roads, that have traffic lights or a policeman managing the traffic, there seem to be no rules. Cars mix with rickshaws and countless motorbikes, and an odd horse or donkey cart. If you're not pushy enough, you won't make your way - I guess that's why there seem to be more motorcycles than cars, it's much easier to push yourself through the traffic ;) Plus there are all those people walking through the streets - unless you get to a road with the signals, no-one will give way to you. You wait for a spot between the vehicles and just cross the road - for me it got slightly easier after few times, but initially I was scared to death that I'd surely get hit at some point, as no-one even slows down! Hence the noise - the constant sound of car horns.

[The video is a bit of the evening traffic, as seen from our rooftop flat - it happens to be located by a busy intersection. Just a sample of the noise, and you can spot some guys crossing the road.]

These are my impressions of Lahore - in a nutshell ;) The city is so fascinating, I could probably talk about it for ages! I just wish I'd taken more photos, but apart from the fat that I was so absorbed with taking it all in, it didn't feel safe to walk around the busy street with my camera out - even Hubby often told me to put it away, fearing that someone would simply snatch it. 

Anyway, there's still so much to tell! If anyone's still interested, there are few more posts coming ;)


  1. I'm loving the account of your trip so far. I've been to Karachi many times but have never got the chance to visit Lahore.

    Aaliyah | www.thelifeofaaliyah.com

  2. Lovely to see the varied and interesting way of life somewhere new, it looks like you had a really great time too :)

  3. What a fascinating place - amazing pics too. You get a real feel of the place, traffic and all!!

  4. I imagine Lahore to be a bit like Naples, but more so from your descriptions. I think there'd be loads to take in, but I think it would be overwhelming too.

  5. It looks like such an interesting place to visit. The colours are so vibrant, lovely photos x

  6. Thank you I find it interesting to learn about the places I have not visited. It looks as you say ugly and beautiful - the colour really contrasts though

  7. Wow what an amazing looking place - it seems like it would be so different all around sights, smells and noises. x

  8. As interesting as it looks to visit, I have to admit it isn't in my top list of places to go x

    1. I know, Pakistan is hardly a top holiday spot - if it wasn't for the fact I now have a family there, I'd never choose to go ;)

  9. It sounds like a great place to visit - although I think I would hate the traffic ;-)

  10. Lovely photos, what a crazy mix of architecture! I am intrigued by the geometric fruit displays!

  11. I have to say I had not thought of visiting Pakistan but I do love visiting places with atmosphere and full of life and it certainly looks like its the case! i love the look of the Lahore Museum the building itself looks beautiful x

  12. Looks like a very vibrant city - love the picture of the car being towed away by forklift

  13. This is so interesting, what a great looking city and the street food looks fab!

  14. Lahore looks like an interesting and varied place to visit. The museum certainly looks impressive.


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