09 April 2015

# Lahore Diaries # Pakistan

First day in Pakistan

When Hubby first said we'd be going to Pakistan for the whole month, I wasn't too sure about it. I thought I might not like it, that it would be too hard to overcome the language barrier, that people would stare at me... Basically I expected a massive culture shock.

But then, after our journey from hell, I guess I was too tired for a culture shock ;) Yeah, things were different - a lot different than in Europe, but then I think that I've been with my Hubby long enough, saw enough photos and watched enough news with him, plus I've been so shattered that it all didn't feel as weird as you'd expect them to.

Anyway, I was pretty excited when we finally reached Lahore. Nervous, at first, but then I was just relieved that we finally got there - I just wanted to get home and get some proper rest!

After we landed and collected our luggage, we got picked up by one of Hubby's brothers and his friend. Since it took us a while to get home, I got my first view of the city.

I just wish I wasn't so exhausted and didn't have Adam in my lap, otherwise I'd probably take lots more pictures. But that was also a bit of a challenge in a moving car, so I just decided to watch the surroundings ;)

Right after leaving the airport I was quite impressed with the road - it certainly wasn't what I expected, with the highway comparable to the ones we see in the UK. It was just a bit more random - just imagine going through a city's ring road and then an old donkey cart appears in front of you!

It started looking more like what imagined once we actually got to the centre of the city - lots of traffic, lots of noise that Hubby kept telling me about, lots of people. Looking around I notice the footpaths - very high-raised pavements, which made me think "Oh yeah, Hubby was right - it's gonna be impossible to walk around the city with a pushchair"... And it was the moment when I realised that we left our buggy behind! (Hubby went to the airport the following day, but gave up the search after being sent from one door to another for quite a while - £10 that we paid wasn't worth the bother really ;)).

Art sellers along the busy street

I don't remember what I thought when we got to the house. I'm not sure what I expected actually, and now I'm not even sure how I felt about it ;) Hubby's family lives in the rooftop flat in a townhouse next to a large hospital. Anyway, on our way up we were greeted by Hubby's Mum, who couldn't wait to see us all and ran out to the stairs. It was lovely to see how happy she was hugging her son after nearly eight years, with eyes full of happy tears. 

After introductions and some food, the three of us just went to sleep. When we woke up, there were more family members waiting to meet us, so after a quick change of clothes we went to see everyone. Once we were done with the introductions and had dinner, Hubby decided it was time to distribute the gifts we brought for everyone, giving me a chance to sit back, relax and just try to get into the family atmosphere.

So, our first day in Pakistan wasn't a massively eventful one - maybe apart from losing the buggy lol! But the family made me feel right at home, so I was ready to properly start our Pakistani adventure :)

View from the house - street still quiet early in the morning.

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