28 March 2015

I'm back!

Oh God, has it really been two months since my last post? Time to get writing then!

As you may remember, we went to Pakistan (CLICK). We stayed there for a month, between 20th of February and 20th of March. I was planning a few posts before we went, but things got a bit hectic - Hubby and I still needed to work, we needed to get a few things sorted (CLICK), and then there was all the packing (we'd gone a bit crazy with gift shopping, plus we got asked to take some stuff by others, and I had to manage to pack as much as I could). I also had this crazy idea to clean the flat properly before we'd go, so you can imagine I was pretty busy ;) Then I had a bit of an issue with the internet while in Pakistan, and when I could connect I actually preferred to enjoy my experience rather than write - but now we're back, I've caught up with the shifts I needed to do, and with Hubby back to working nights I have plenty of time to write about our big adventure :)

So, if you're interested in reading about foreigner's view on Pakistan, and how my first visit went, look out for the upcoming posts! I'll be writing about my impressions, family, food, locals' reactions to the white girl, shopping, and all sort of weird stuff you can come across ;) Stay tuned!

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