Hey, I'm ONE!

by - Friday, June 27, 2014

Seriously, where did that one year go?

I still remember walking around with my huge bump.

I remember asking my parents to come around the due date, so they could be here for the birth of their first grandchild. It meant a lot to me for them to be here from the first moments. Now I know I should've had them here a bit later, but how could I know what would happen?

I remember insisting on going for a walk around town, as my due date had gone. Hoping to make the baby wanna move out.

I remember how I woke up with light cramps about 4 am, but as they were quite irregular we eventually went back to sleep. Then about 7 am it seemed like my waters had gone, so I called my midwife and then Hubby took me to the hospital.

I remember spending whole day pinned to CTG machine, waiting. First waiting for the space in the ward, then for the space in delivery suite. Waiting quite anxiously, not knowing exactly what was happening - although the baby was doing fine, apparently something could be going wrong. 
Honestly, when the midwife started talking about meconium, and I didn't know what it was, when she explained "That means the baby had opened his bowels"... I kinda freaked out. You can laugh, but I'm not a native English speaker, and I'd never heard this expression before. I thought it meant something really bad! Well, then she explained ;) 

I remember Hubby taking my parents home, so they don't wait for nothing. Then he brought his aunty for a bit, and when I decided I did want my mum after all, he rushed to bring her back. 

I remember getting high on the gas - even though it eventually stopped working for me, the first few hours were quite a bit of fun - I'd laugh for literally no reason, and when I called my mum I was kinda blabbering. When the doctors came for a check-up, they talked and I laughed.

I remember refusing the epidural for as long as I could, trying to go for the less invasive pain relief. I refused, because I was scared of a big needle going in my spine, but then I eventually gave up and asked for it. But then the doctor was busy, and again, and when he finally made it to my room it was too late.

I remember that the things were going pretty slow and they were thinking to give me a hormone drip to speed it up. But then, just before I was due a check-up, Mr decided it was time. Even my midwife was surprised how sudden it was - when I moaned that I feel the urge to push, she couldn't quite believe me!

I didn't know what time it was. I couldn't care less, I just wanted it all to be over...

And then, at 1:56 am, there he was. My tiny, unbelievably hairy, little man. Our son, Adam.

So much happened since then. 

We had to spend a week in hospital, with Adam in NICU for 3 days after meconium aspiration.

I went through extremely emotional time, unable to breastfeed for couple of days. 

I went through some baby blues - without my baby in the ward, with feeding problems, feeling scared of looking after him without any help...

One year later I'm sitting here, watching Adam have his nap, thinking it was all worth it. 

Watching the first smile, hearing him laugh, seeing how he masters new skills, watching him go from one tiny spoon of puréed apple to eating pretty much everything, seeing another set of clothes getting smaller...

Even though our life changed dramatically, I could never regret having Adam. Even though he can be a pain in the ass, throwing tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants, moving so fast that we can't leave him alone for a split second, and generally being troublemaker. Watching him grow and learn is the best thing in the world, and every little thing he does makes me feel really proud.

And when he gives us a cheeky smile, when he rushes to either of us coming home from work to pick him up, when he comes for a cuddle, I hope he feels the same for us.

Happy 1st Birthday!

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  1. I love looking at photos of babies and how they have grown. Lovely pics!

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely little chap! My eldest is 18 soon, and I have literally no idea where those years went, flies by!

  3. That first birthday is definitely emotional - especially of your first child (if you have more than one). Do you know what though - 9 years on (eeek) I have pretty much forgotten most of it now though (apart from the birth!!) Happy Birthday Adam!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy! Hope next year and all the years after are just as wonderful :)

  5. Ah lovely post! Happy birthday little one x

  6. Such a gorgeous post, so honest and loving. I can really empathise as your time in hospital really reminded me of my sons birth. What a happy little boy he looks, Happy Birthay!

  7. Happy birthday little man! so cute x

  8. Happy 1st birthday, Adam. Mine turned 3 and I am wondering where the time has gone!

  9. Aww happy birthday to him...what a sweet looking boy he is, just adorable!

  10. Aaaaw how sweet is he - Happy Birthday x x x

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  12. Beautiful pictures, happy first birthday x

  13. Aww what a lovely post! Hope he had a fab birthday x

  14. aww happy birthday to little Adam

  15. Happy birthday! Lovely photos :-)

  16. Happy birthday! Lovely photos :-)

  17. Happy birthday! Lovely photos :-)

  18. Wzruszający wpis! I śliczny chłopiec, MashAllah. Pozdrawiam :)


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