Back to work, Mummy!

by - Monday, May 12, 2014

Wow, I didn't realise it's been nearly a month since my last post! Naughty blogger!

Well, it's been a bit hectic recently. 

My maternity leave is drawing to an end (on 20th exactly), and it's been time to think about returning to work. Rent isn't gonna pay itself ;)

But, to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to going back to my old job. I had spent 5 years in there, stuck in pretty much same place with no room to grow. 

So a while back I've applied for a new job in the Airport Security. Initially I was a bit apprehensive, thinking maybe it's not exactly for me, but after talking to some friends that already work there, I thought it's worth giving it a shot. Surprisingly I got a call from them pretty quickly, went to an interview... and I must have said something smart, because they hired me on the spot! 

That just meant I needed to complete a two-week intensive classroom training with not much time to spare for anything else. Even though we didn't really do much, getting out to work, 9 to 5 for those two weeks was quite exhausting, as I got out of this sort of routine of leaving the house in set times. Plus there was a LOT theory to take on, so mentally I was just exhausted.

How was it to leave my baby?

Luckily, he's very easygoing little fella. It wasn't the first time that we needed to leave him (fortunately Hubby's lovely aunty agreed to have him) so I wasn't too worried. It actually made me feel a bit bad, but I pretty much enjoyed getting away! My mum asked me if I was missing Adam or called to check up on him... Well yes, I did miss him. But I wasn't concerned, I assumed that if something was going terribly wrong they would give me a ring.

Now we're pretty much back to the old routine. The best thing about my job is that I'm working as bank staff - I get to choose which days I'm working on, so basically I only work like 7 days out of the whole month in May (that reminds me that I need to send out my schedule for next month in the next couple of days ;)). It's perfect - I still get to spend an awful lot of time with my boy, Hubby is off in the afternoons so we have some family time too, and when I work boys are absolutely fine on their own (I actually think it's brilliant that they get some boys-only time).

At least it gives me some time to blog too ;) Time to get back on track! I need to kick myself on that lazy ass and do everything I postponed for too long.

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