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by - Friday, February 07, 2014

Even if we ever wanted to say otherwise, Adam is undeniably our child. Stubborn and short-tempered.

You know these scenes from toy stores, when a kid throws a tantrum because parents said "no" to some of their demands? Well, we get that too - about food.

Seriously, I didn't know that a 7 months old baby can already be so full of character. When Adam wants something, he will make sure he gets it. He's not really that interested in expensive toys or anything, but when it comes to food...

If we want to eat something spicy, or something not really suitable for a baby, I always make sure that Adam either gets a separate portion, which he could eat, or that he eats first, so I won't feel guilty about eating while he's hungry. Yet it's still hard to keep this boy happy!

I know it's also important for him to participate in family meals, but as long as he's not able to feed himself with a spoon and one of us needs to do it, we spend more time feeding Adam than eating our own food. There is a way - giving him couple of chips, piece of chapatti/naan or even his baby biscuit will keep him satisfied for a bit, unless there's something REALLY interesting on our plates. Sometimes, if we feel there's nothing we can share with him, we just give him something suitable, and put him in his cot to occupy himself. But he will stand up and whine, and when I say "no, you can't have it"... Oh God. That's the tantrum I mentioned at the beginning. He will cry so hard and scream so loud, that eventually we always give in.

Well, at least he enjoys food, right? Some people struggle to feed their kids, some babies have food allergies or intolerances... At least I know that Adam will eat pretty much everything he's given. Preferably from Mummy's or Daddy's plate ;) 

It's all especially challenging, as Adam is discovering his vocal abilities. What started of as a little bit of "ba-ba" or "ma-ma", is turning into a scream more and more often. Especially when he wants something - whether he's hungry, sleepy, drops a toy which he can't reach or just gets excited. But yeah, mostly when he's angry seeing us eating and not sharing with him.

Silence is golden, and you only truly understand that when you have kids ;)

Can't wait for when he grows up, starts demanding other stuff and throws a tantrum to my "no"...

Oh well, it's time for some screaming now, and for me to work out what Monster wants this time.

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