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by - Thursday, February 06, 2014

Another sad and rainy day. Hubby is not well, so he's stuck in bed whole day. Little Mr is tired too, as we had a bit of a late night after yesterday's dinner out with friends. So, while they both snore away, I got down to do some planning.

On some days, when I have a moment for myself, I open post editor and think I'm gonna write a post. Then I just sit, stare into the screen and can't think of anything. So, having some time, I got out my notebook and started writing stuff down.

Honestly, it's a great thing to do. Relax, think of everything that's happening or is going to happen in our lives. Adam is growing, he will reach some milestones, there will be birthdays, travels, playing, going out... Life in a mixed family is an enormous field of topics, they just need the right time to be harvested ;)

I also wrote down a long list of foods I aspire to make. I often find myself wondering what interesting dish I could make to put on the blog? Writing them down will help me plan - I can make a plan to cook specific dishes, get my ingredients and never again get stuck - it's just too often that I'd love to make something, but I miss just one key ingredient, aarrrghh! Now that I transferred my ambitions to paper, I can plan what and when I want to make, get my shopping done and get going :)

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  1. Też mam listę z pomysłami na posty. Czasem zdarza mi się wymyślić coś fajnego, a jak przychodzi do pisania, to za żadne skarby nie mogę sobie przypomnieć... Więc zaczęłam spisywać - przydaje się :)


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