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by - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some time ago I mentioned that Adam shares the bed with us (click). After reading countless forums and blogs, seeing how other parents make their babies sleep in their own cots from the beginning, I wanted to do the same, but then we gave up. I mean I tried, but then winter came, our house is not exactly the warmest place, and whenever Adam woke up at night his tiny hands felt like ice cubes. No matter how well he would be covered, as soon as his hands came out of the blanket, that's it. Then we both felt guilty, that while we're happily snuggled in our bed, with big thick duvet, our poor little baby is freezing. So we would put him to sleep in his cot, then he would wake up after few hours, we would find he seems to be cold, and he ended up sleeping between us. Slowly we just gave up putting him in a cot altogether, just have him in the middle of our bed straight away.

But obviously the cheeky monkey is growing. And he's moving. A LOT. My/his favourite pregnancy pillow is not exactly helping - I find myself struggling for space. It's all well, that he (pretty much) sleeps through the night, but it would be nicer if he could do it in his own cot, right?

It's high time for Mummy to take action.

Well, we're taking things slow.

Couple of nights ago, when we were going to sleep, and Adam decided it's still play time, I said "enough".

We turned off the laptop, switched off the light, put Adam down and lied down ourselves. At first he was slightly confused, started searching for us in the dark. Then he started wriggling and babbling. Once he got up, I put him back down and lied down myself. Just said "mummy's sleeping, daddy's sleeping, baby's sleeping" and nothing else. No talking, no encouraging a play. After few times of Adam getting up and me putting him down, he calmed down. I could see in the dark that he's looking at me, but he stayed put. Moaned a little bit more, and then just drifted away. I'm not sure how long it took, but definitely shorter than when he's cuddled to sleep.

I repeated that yesterday. It took exactly 11 minutes, from switching the light off till Adam peacefully asleep.

We always struggle, as Adam refuses to sleep until late. No mater how long we would cuddle him, sing, whisper, do whatever - it's rare that he would sleep and let us have some time to watch a movie or something. It's especially hard if he takes his afternoon nap too late and wakes up in the evening, when ideally he would have his bath, milk and start getting ready for bed. But with this method he seems to understand better when it's bedtime. I guess if we keep doing that earlier every day, we could make him sleep early and possibly have some quiet time for ourselves later (we have one of this plugs for using 2 pairs of headphones, got us through watching LOTR with Adam happily asleep one time, although it was rather late ;)). 

I hope that if I teach Adam to fall asleep without a cuddle, in a while I'll be able to move him to his cot and teach him to fall asleep there.

Fingers crossed! I'll post an update on this soon :)

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  1. nie jest łatwo :) sama pamiętam jak było z moim synkiem,,to,że nie chciał usnąć na noc,,czy szedł spać troszkę później było nic,,,gorzej jak wstawał o 4 nad ranem gotowy do zabawy :)


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