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by - Monday, January 06, 2014

Everyone seems to be surprised when I say we moved on to formula when Adam was about 4.5 months old. I would happily breastfeed him for much longer, but it seems it wasn't an option. 

My view always was that we, women, have this ability to produce milk and feed our babies for a reason. If anyone chooses giving formula over their own milk, it's their choice, I don't judge. Some women have some trouble producing milk - that also happens. It's not up to anyone to judge a woman for her choice, as long as the baby is well fed and happy.

Me? I really tried. I was sure I would have no trouble breastfeeding, as I have been in constant need of breast pads from about the half way through my pregnancy. Then, right after the birth, something happened and I didn't seem to have ANY milk. It was heartbreaking, especially when Adam had to be transferred to NICU due to a lung infection, fed through a pipe in his tiny nose, and everyone around was just pushing me to try expressing some milk for him. And I couldn't for a few days. Luckily, with some help, I managed to get the milk flowing and we spent the first few months feeding on demand.

At some point, just before he was 4 months old, Adam got hungrier. When I was breastfeeding, he would eat for long time and still be unhappy and hungry about an hour later. So I figured out maybe I should give him a bottle every now and then. That was it - an odd bottle or two of formula, especially before bedtime, worked - he would even sleep nicely at night. Slowly I gave up trying to breastfeed him during the day, only offering the breast in the evening and during the night as a comfort. Then, at about 5 months, he stopped needing the night feed altogether, as we started moving onto solids.

Yes, I did want to breastfeed for at least 6 months, thinking then we would have moved to solids and everything would be like we are always told by all sort of books/guides/health professionals. 

The truth is, babies are unpredictable.

Like it was also with his weaning.

At about 4 months we went for our usual check-up at the baby clinic, and despite the fact that Adam was already sitting quite well (with support of course), constantly hungry and chewing on everything, we were told it's too early. OK then, we had given him some baby rice and apple to try how he would take it, but we assumed they knew better.

A month later I went there again and was told he's more than ready and I can feed him pretty much anything we eat.

Seriously, it's so confusing... 

And all these weaning guides? Oh please... Everywhere around we are told to give one or two spoonfuls at a time -Adam would eat the whole portion straight away, and throw a tantrum if I tried to stop sooner! 

Now, just over 6 months old, he happily eats pretty much everything. Funny thing about Adam is that he seems to get jealous when we eat, and whatever he gets then, he will eat. 

Mummy, don't worry too much about the books, forums, all-round advice. Yes, it's good to know what you should avoid, get some baby-friendly recipes, consult a health professional about the right time to start... But it's YOU who knows your baby best. It's you who will watch, observe and draw conclusions. Don't look at other mums and babies - do whatever works for YOU, and whatever gets YOU and YOUR baby happy. 

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