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by - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to a whole new section. From the beginning I wanted to incorporate some mummy thoughts in this blog, but it never quite went with food posts. So I'll keep it separate. If you don't want to read these, just skip to the food. If you do, enjoy short stories of my life with Adam. It's Mama's blog after all.

Today I've discovered Adam's another cheeky quality. 
If I ever wonder what he took after me, it's his constant snacking. He wants to eat pretty much all the time. At least he seems like, but often when he gets onto breast or bottle, the little monkey will suck couple of times and then look  up at me with his biggest cheeky smile, and start his little chat. 
What mummy decided to do? Have her own quick meal. But fear not mummy, Adam is on the guard of your weight! As soon as I started eating, Adam gave me his most surprised look and decided he wanted his bottle after all. Cheeky, jealous little guy. If he's not eating, mummy can't either. No wonder I've shed 10 kg off my pregnancy weight by my 8 week check-up. 

It's all part of my bedtime routine struggle. I know he's still very small, but led by all possible baby clubs and guides I decided to give it a go. I don't expect miracles, if it doesn't work then tough. So far it's not entirely bad, but after an hour in his cot Adam woke up sucking his fists. However, as soon as I picked him up and put on my chest, he fell back asleep. Many of you, including my mum, would say he's already spoilt rotten and I won't be able to get him to sleep on his own. I prefer to believe it gives him sense of security, and if he's too small to understand routine then he's also too small to get spoilt. Besides, I know that when he's just been fed and had a nappy changed, and is clearly sleepy, he is able to fall asleep on his own - I tried him twice last night and after a good while of wiggling he did eventually sleep without mummy's cuddle. 

We'll get there slowly. He's only 11 weeks old now.

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