by - Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't you just love bureaucracy?

Obviously both our families would like to meet Adam. Not everyone can come to us though, so it's up to us to go and show him off. Therefore, we needed a passport for him. You would think it's a straightforward operation, right?

Adam automatically has my nationality. So now I need a Polish passport, but since we are in UK I can only do it in the consulate in London. If it was back in Poland, I could just go to a local passport office, fill in the application form, attach pictures and wait about a month, then go and pick it up. Simple. Here? Hell no. You can't just pop in to the consulate, you book an appointment. Fair enough, I get it. I don't quite get why the waiting time is minimum a month. It requires both of us to be there to sign the forms, as you can only get one at the time of the visit. Back home I'd just grab one, fill it at home and go whenever it suits me, but hey. Then they reserve 6 weeks for the passport to be ready. To sum up: it takes a month wait, round trip to London from wherever you live, 6 weeks wait, another round trip to London. Plus my mum was told in our local passport office that often parents living in UK get babies' passports make in Poland, as consulate tends to issue 1-year passports instead of 5-year ones. I don't know how could they actually do this, but I'm not enthusiastic about the prospect of doing it all over again in year's time. Oh happy days.

But wait! Family is suggesting that maybe he's eligible for the British passport. So I go online, read the UKBA website all over again and still don't understand - is he or is he not? No one around seems to know, but then we go to visit a friend. She's in the same situation, but good news - she was clearly told at the post office that due to her immigration status the baby IS automatically a British national. Yay! So we go to the post office, pick up an application form, fill it in, attach appropriate supporting documents and to avoid trouble use the check&send service. We made a mistake - happens - we take another form and fill it in correctly. Finally it gets sent, so now time to wait. Last Monday I received a text from the passport office, that they'd received the application, so I anticipate further 3 weeks from then. Today morning a small envelope popped through the letter hole, making me think my passport (supporting Adam's application) came back. To my surprise, it's actually Adam's passport. Dated 13th September. It took whole 4 days to make.

My consulate appointment was supposed to be this Wednesday. I managed to get one passport ready before I could even apply for the other one. Welcome to the Polish way of getting anything sorted. Screw it, now I can go to Poland and sort it out there, for fraction of consulate fee.

Time to start planning some holidays!

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  1. O Matko... Wiedziałam, że Polacy kochają biurokrację, ale aż tak?! Istne szaleństwo i szczerze Ci współczuję!

  2. Dlatego zostajemy na razie tylko z brytyjskim paszportem - chociaż znając życie na polskiej granicy będę mieć jakieś przeboje, jak nie ze zdjęciem to z czymś innym ;)

  3. Jak nic będzie, że porwałaś dziecko xD

    1. Na pewno będzie problem ze zdjęciem, nawet mnie się wydaje że strasznie niewyraźnie wygląda ;) No i narodowość inna... Już się szykuję ;D


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