London Halal Food Festival is coming!

Monday, July 11, 2016

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, you've probably seen the news I shared about the Halal Food Festival coming to London in August.

I'm delighted to be a part of this event, as one of their 'Halal Heroes' - you can see the list of all the fabulous Halal Bloggers here: (I still can't believe I made it to this list lol!)

I can't wait! The Festival is organised by the people who brought you the Muslim Lifestyle Show earlier this year, but it collided with our visit to Poland. Even Hubby is keen on going this time ;)

The London Halal Food Festival is coming to the Tobacco Dock in London on the weekend of 20-21st of August. Its aim is to showcase the best halal businesses, and create engagement with the constantly growing halal market. The Halal economy is currently worth an estimated $795 billion, and is expected to keep growing! In London alone, over 80% of restaurants are now offering halal food. Halal Food Festival is aiming to both cater to this growing demand and diminish the misconception of 'halal' that is often portrayed in the media.

There will be something for everyone - whether you're a well-dined foodie, new to the halal scene, or just looking for a great day out with the family and friends, exploring some tasty treats. You'll be able to taste the best dishes from major halal restaurants, discover delicious sweet treats or enjoy refreshing mocktails. With over 100 exhibitors, including Meat&Shake, The Datery, Brioche Burger and Halal Sweet Company, live cookery shows from Celebrity Chefs, and play area for the youngest foodies, this will definitely make a great day out!

In case you need a little more convincing, check out their video to get a sneak peak of what's to come:

If that sounds like something you'd enjoy (trust me, you would!) and you can make it to London on 20th or 21st of August, then you can get your tickets here:

The three of us will be there for the whole weekend, come and say hi if you spot us! ;)

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  1. Looks like a great event !I hope it is a success. Best of luck! I am here in Pakistan so can'nt really join xD

  2. I feel like anything exiting for Muslims is happening in London lol. That seems like an amazing event tho :) Your hard work paid off you're on that list girl

  3. Ohhh I reallyyy want to go. This is the kind of place for me lol. In sha'Allah will be booking my tickets soon!

  4. Been debating whether to go to the festival! Congrats on becoming one of the heroes

  5. It looks like a great festival. :D

  6. Masha Allah, it's great that you are one of halaal heroes - baarakAllahu feek.

    It's sure looks like a place worth going... I'm all for promoting halaal businesses and powering the ever growing halaal economy. Have fun x

  7. I am excited about coming to this! I hope I get to bump into you :)
    Aishah xx

  8. Omw this would be sooo awesome to go to especially as a food blogger! Sigh if only I didn't stay a whole continent away lol


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